Litter-Robot 3: Yellow and red or blue and red flashing (Motor over torque)

If Litter-Robot 3 globe becomes jammed or overloaded when rotating clockwise, the motor will stop and reverse for 5 seconds. The unit will start to cycle again after 15 seconds, to attempt to return to the Home position. 

If after three attempts, the unit is unable to cycle, the globe will return to the Home Position and the control panel will flash yellow then red lights or blue then red lights.

You will also receive a notification on your phone if you use the Whisker app.

Inspect the litter and waste drawer

1. Check for excess litter inside the globe. Using more than 10 lbs of litter can strain the motor, causing an over torque fault.

2. Make sure the litter is at or below the raised fill line. Some brands of litter are heavier than others. For these litters, we recommend keeping the litter at least a half inch below the fill line to avoid weight-related errors. 

3. Check and clear any obstructions in the waste port. Waste clumps or toys could obstruct the globe rotation and cause an over torque fault.

Inspect the globe
  1. Press the Power button to turn the unit off, then unplug the unit. 
  2. Remove the bonnet by pressing the latches on both sides of the bonnet, then lift while rotating it backwards.
  3. Set the bonnet aside.
  4. Remove the globe and set aside.
  5. Inspect the outside of the globe. Remove any debris that might be stuck on the outside of the globe.
  6. Remove the waste drawer and set it aside.
Inspect the base

1. On the top of the base, ensure all four white glider buttons are installed and free of debris. 

If they are missing or damaged, replacement glider buttons can be purchased at

2. Check the top portion of the base where the globe usually rests. 

3. Using a damp cloth, clean this area of any residue or liquid build-up.

4. Clean any litter or debris from this area as well.

5. Check that the four fuzzy seal strips around the waste port are firmly stuck in place and free of debris. seal strips that are peeling could cause excess drag on the globe.

If the seal strips will not adhere to the base, a replacement set of seal strips can be purchased at

Reassemble the globe and bonnet

1. Replace the globe, making sure it is on straight and in its tracks.

2. At the back of the globe, turn the black key into the key pocket.

3. Replace the bonnet by inserting the bonnet tabs into the rear bonnet slots, then press the latches while rotating it forward until the latches click into place.

4. Plug Litter-Robot into the wall.

5. Press the Power button to turn the unit on.

6. Once the initial Clean cycle is complete, the unit should return home, displaying a blue 'ready light' status.

Successful: If your unit returned home and displays a solid blue light, you've been successful.

Unsuccessful: If your unit is not displaying a solid blue light after returning to Home position, or cannot complete the cycle, you may need to repair your unit.

Issue not resolved?

To repair your Litter-Robot, you will need either a motor assembly or a base.

What do I do?

My unit is covered by WhiskerCare™
If your Litter-Robot is covered by WhiskerCare™ warranty, you have access to replacement parts, at no cost, to get your Litter-Robot up-and-running quickly.

  1. Simply log in to your account at
  2. Click on ‘My Robots’ to access the parts available for your robot.
  3. Select the part you need.
  4.  We’ll ship you the part at no cost, along with detailed instructions.


The warranty on my unit has expired
If your unit is no longer under warranty, we can help you with the necessary parts and instructions to properly fix your unit at home.

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