Advantages Of An Automatic Litter Box
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Advantages Of An Automatic Litter Box

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Although there are quite a few different automatic self-cleaning litter boxes currently on the market, the one on which we would prefer to focus, and specifically on its great many advantages, is our very own Litter Robot. We could go on and on explaining the ins and outs of every facet of this incredible device, but we’ll try and remain concise, as we’re sure that you’ve already got plenty on your plate.

Freeing Up Free Time

First and foremost, the Litter Robot will surely and undoubtedly loosen up more free time than you’ll even know what to do with at first. In the day-to-day busyness of adult life, we become accustomed to the burdens that we carry around, but not every burden is a necessity. When it comes to all that’s required in the maintenance of your cat’s conventional litter box, it’s as if you’re trying to use a typewriter to send e-mails or a canoe to waterski. Well, of course it’s not quite as impossible as those chores, but it sure can feel that way sometimes, can’t it? But when your self-cleaning litter box sifts, clumps, cleans and more, all without your assistance, you can avoid the trouble of this otherwise unpleasant portion of your day. The Litter Robot’s waste drawer can even hold several days’ worth of waste, which means you can depart on a short business or personal trip and not worry about your cat’s litter box situation.

Odor-Free, To Boot!

What good is all this newfound free time if your home still smells quite pungently like cat feces and urine? Good question! Well, fortunately for you and your loved ones (including your precious kitty), your home, and particularly your automatic litter box, will be as fresh as a brand new and yet unsullied conventional litter box. The only difference is that your Litter Robot will actually stay that way, use after use after use, and, as we’ve mentioned, all you have to do is make sure that it’s plugged in, and, of course, remove and replace the waste bag once every other day or so. Many of our long-time customers have written to us praising the odor-depleting Litter Robot and claiming that, due to such a lack of offensive odor, they’ve occasionally forgotten that there’s actually a litter box in their homes at all.

The Litter Robot will revolutionize your cat ownership and, very probably, your life. It will simplify every aspect of the management and maintenance of your cat’s waste, and you’ll think you’ve entered a parallel universe where scooping litter boxes never existed in the first place, and it’ll be as if it never had. Try a Litter-Robot today and we know that you won’t regret it!