Feeder-Robot Power Supply

The Feeder-Robot U.S. power supply features a nylon-braided, chew-resistant power cord.

Need to replace your Feeder-Robot power supply? This pet-friendly power supply plugs into a power input located underneath the automatic pet feeder. The power cord is:

  • Nylon-braided
  • Chew-resistant
  • Contact Whisker Support if your robot is still under warranty
  • 110 volt AC power supply
  • Cord measures 72 inches


  • Can the Feeder-Robot run on batteries?

    The Feeder-Robot plugs into a wall outlet but comes with a built-in backup battery. In the event of a power outage, the built-in backup battery provides 24 hours of use in power-saving mode.
  • Is this item covered under warranty?

    Yes. If your Feeder-Robot is still under warranty, please contact Whisker Support for repairs.



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