Litter-Robot 3 onboarding: Selecting Litter-Robot WiFi hotspot

To onboard your Litter-Robot 3 (serial numbers LR3CI or LR3C if connection via your device's bluetooth is unsuccessful) in the Whisker App, you will be prompted to connect your phone to the Litter-Robot hotspot. Note: If your serial number begins with LR4C or RF1C you will onboard via your device's bluetooth, not via the Litter-Robot hotspot.

Selecting Litter-Robot WiFi

  1. Minimize the Whisker app
  2. Open your phone's settings
  3. Tap Connections or WiFi
  4. Look for Litter-Robot SSID (may need to scroll down)
  5. Tap Litter-Robot
  6. Input the password neverscoop
  7. Allow the device to establish a connection; the WiFi signal should be visible on the top left of the screen
  8. Return to the Whisker app
  9. Follow the prompts in the app


If you see 'Litter-Robot SSID not found':

  • Make sure that the Litter-Robot is in onboarding mode. The power button should be illuminated solid blue.
  • WiFi must be enabled on your mobile device.
  • You must be next to the Litter-Robot to ensure your mobile device can see it.

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