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What’s the Best Litter for Litter-Robot?

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Litter-Robot might seem like a miracle device to some cat parents, but its self-cleaning magic comes down to the unit’s simple yet elegant engineering: Through a combination of time, rotation, and gravity, the patented sifting process separates your cat’s waste from the clean litter, depositing it into a drawer below. Impressive design aside, we shouldn’t overlook the one thing that holds it all together: litter! So, what is the best litter for Litter-Robot?

woman adding premium cat litter to Litter-Robot 4

Clay-clumping cat litter

In order to separate your cat’s waste from the clean litter, our self-cleaning litter box works best with a clumping litter. Although any clumping litter works, a high-quality clay-clumping litter equates to tighter clumps, which leads to less mess in the litter box. Litter-Robot has flexible cycling options: With Litter-Robot 3 Connect, you can set it to cycle 3, 7, or 15 minutes after your cat exits; with Litter-Robot 4, you can set it at 3, 7, 15, 25, or 30 minutes. 

You may want to set the timer to 3 minutes if you have dogs roaming the house in search of “treats.” With a high-quality clumping litter, you can rest assured that the clumps have tightened up quickly, allowing you to use that 3-minute timer. 

Note: Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work, but may not be as efficient as clay-clumping litter.

Low-dust, low-tracking cat litter

low-dust litter running through a man's fingers

There’s nothing worse than pouring out a fresh bed of litter, only to be hit in the face with a cloud of dust. The best litter for Litter-Robot is a low-dust clumping litter that ensures that your unit won’t be covered in residue—and that your cat’s paws won’t track that dust all over the house. Litter-Robot 4 also features a LowDust screen, meaning the patented sifting process reduces dust while cycling.

Unscented cat litter

One of Litter-Robot’s selling points is its ability to help reduce or even eliminate litter box odors. By depositing the waste into a sealed drawer below, the usual unpleasant smells tend to be drastically reduced. However, some cats are simply “stinkier” than others (based on diet, health conditions, and even breed)—and you still might need a little help reducing litter box odors. 

Many cat parents believe that buying scented litter will help with the smell. In reality, scented litter is more likely to cause problems. Why? For one thing, scented litter with added perfumes doesn’t actually reduce the smell, it just masks it. For another, studies have shown that most cats prefer unscented litter. So if your kitty stops using the litter box due to its imposing fragrance, you’ve got another problem on your hands!

A man's hands holding sodium bentonite clay for litter

All-natural cat litter

Speaking of litter with added perfumes or chemicals… skip those! The best litter for Litter-Robot is the all-natural kind, with no additives and as few ingredients as possible. This isn’t just about what’s best for Litter-Robot—it’s about what’s best for your cat.  

So, what is the best litter for Litter-Robot?

white cat with premium cat litter for Litter-Robot

The best litter for Litter-Robot should meet all the qualities listed above. And there’s one litter out there that does! Premium Cat Litter for Litter-Robot is:

  • High-quality clay-clumping litter: Each granule is just right; not too big and not too small. When a clump forms, the uniform granules pack together efficiently and hold tight. 
  • Low-dust, low-tracking litter: By sun-drying the clay, preserving its soft texture, then screening it for ideal particle size, our cat litter is very low-dust.
  • Unscented litter that locks in odors: Our cat litter is the most efficient at drawing up liquid and sequestering that telltale ammonia scent caused by urine degrading in the litter box.
  • All-natural litter: This litter has just one all-natural ingredient—sodium bentonite, dried with the power of the sun. There are no additives, no fillers, and no perfumes. 

I love this kitty litter because it’s all natural, no perfumes! It lasts a long time because it completely encapsulates the waste and deposits it into the bag which keeps the remaining kitty litter clean and dry! I just add more when it runs low. Most importantly my cat loves it. It’s a bit more expensive but equates to savings because it lasts longer. Highly recommend. - Edward L

Other benefits of cat litter for Litter-Robot

Our premium cat litter isn’t just good for your Litter-Robot and your cat. It’s great for you, as well!


A farmer riding a tractor at sunset

Delivered to your door

Skip the store: You’ll quickly get used to the convenience of not having to visit a pet store, lug around a heavy box of litter, and haul it inside your home. Our litter is delivered right to your doorstep. No travel or interaction required! 

Flexible subscription options

Set it and forget it: You can subscribe to our litter, so you no longer have to keep cat litter on your shopping list. Subscription options are flexible, too: Choose from 20-lb., 40-lb., and 60-lb. bags delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

Harvested in the USA

Our partner’s family-owned-and-operated ranch is located in the geographic center of the world’s only supply of high-quality sodium bentonite clay—Wyoming, USA! This gives us access to superior raw material for cat litter.

So, now you know: Our premium cat litter is the best litter for Litter-Robot


White siamese cat sitting in Litter-Robot globe with bag of litter sitting next to it - what's the best litter for Litter-Robot?