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  1. Bengal cat on paper bag

    Bengal Cat Personality: How Do Bengal Cats Act?

    The Bengal cat is a fun-loving, energetic breed that thrives on attention. They may look like wild animals, but find out just how loving they are.
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  2. Siamese cat in white Litter-Robot 4 with woman and cat watching

    Does a Self-Cleaning Litter Box Work?

    Self-cleaning litter boxes are a fantastic solution in place of traditional litter boxes, especially for keeping your home clean with multiple cats. Learn why Litter-Robot works!
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  3. Russian Blue cat crouching on carpet

    Russian Blue Cat Breed Profile

    The Russian Blue sports a unique blue coat and bright green eyes. These cats love their humans and are somewhat shy with strangers. Learn more here!
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  4. white Maine Coon cat

    How Big Is a Maine Coon Cat?

    The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed that is native to the United States. Read about these bright companions and big snuggle buddies!
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  5. Ragdoll cat inside Litter-Robot 4

    Where to Put the Litter Box in a Small House or Apartment

    In a small house or tiny apartment, the goal is to make your limited space work. The cat litter box should be out of the way, but easy to access.
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  6. grey Oriental Shorthair cat

    Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    Oriental Shorthair cats are a distinct, intelligent, and loving breed that do best when they have a furry friend. Learn more about these devoted and spunky cats!
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  7. British Shorthair cat lying on table

    British Shorthair Personality: How Do British Shorthairs Act?

    The British Shorthair is amicable and affectionate once they’ve opened up to you. Learn more about these easygoing companions.
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  8. black and white cat inside black Litter-Robot 4

    What Is the Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control?

    The best cat litter box for odor control is automatic, partially enclosed, easy to clean, and contains a tightly sealed waste drawer: Meet Litter-Robot 4!
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  9. white Exotic Shorthair cat with bow-tie

    Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    The Exotic Shorthair cat, known as the “Lazy Man’s Persian” is a family-friendly, laid-back breed. Learn about their superb personality and adorable features.
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  10. Bengal cat lying belly up

    How Big Does a Bengal Cat Get?

    Curious to know how big a Bengal cat will be as an adult? Learn about the breed's size, habits, and how to care for these amazing cats.
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  11. Sphynx cat sun-bathing

    Sphynx Cat Personality and Traits: How Do Sphynxes Act?

    The Sphynx cat isn’t just captivating because of their hairlessness. Discover this friendly, loyal, energetic, and mischievous companion.
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  12. White Munchkin cat lying on couch arm

    Munchkin Cat Breed Profile

    The Munchkin cat breed, while adorable and small, is active, playful, and inquisitive. For a family-friendly feline, the Munchkin is a top pick.
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  13. Three British Shorthair cats with Litter-Robot

    Litter-Robot Cat Breed Guide: Facts About Your Favorite Cat Breeds

    Read our cat breed guide to learn about the most popular domesticated cats, including Maine Coon, Bengal, Siamese, Persian, Ragdoll, and more!
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