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  1. long-haired lap cat

    Most Affectionate Cat Breeds & Lap Cats

    Find out why cats like to cuddle, how to make your cat a lap cat, and what the most affectionate cat breeds are...
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  2. tabby cat with green eyes

    Cat Eye Colors: Facts, Details, and Breed Guide

    Get the facts about cat eye colors and associated breeds, including cats with blue eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes...
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  3. Korat cat lying on side

    Korat Cat Breed Profile

    Korats are unique, distinguishable cats that are good luck charms in Thailand. Learn about these friendly, loyal...
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  4. tuxedo cat and orange tabby cat in boxes

    Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

    There's a scientific explanation behind the magnetic attraction between cats and boxes. Plus, a few ideas to give...
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  5. Sphynx cat in harsh lighting

    Hairless Cats: 8 Bald & Beautiful Breeds

    These 8 hairless cat breeds prove that you don’t need fur to be fabulous. Learn about the Sphynx cat and more...
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  6. grey and white Selkirk Rex cat

    Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Profile

    The Selkirk Rex cat is a curly-coated cutie that loves to spend time snuggled up in their human’s lap—a teddy bea...
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  7. tabby cat whiskers

    Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

    What are the purpose of cat whiskers? How many whiskers does a cat have? Can you trim cat whiskers? Learn more here...
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  8. long-haired mouser cat pouncing in grass

    Are Cats Apex Predators?

    How high can cats jump? How fast can cats run? What are the best mouser cats? Learn why cats are apex predators...
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  9. Turkish Van cat

    Turkish Van Cat Breed Profile

    Turkish Van cats are a highly intelligent, active, and ancient breed that loves water and enjoys being around their...
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  10. senior cat sleeping on bed

    Tips To Help Your Senior Cat Sleep Better

    Senior cats may suffer from arthritis. Gentle exercise, memory foam pet beds, and more can help your aging cat sleep...
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  11. Dr Justine Lee sitting near a Litter-Robot with cat

    Top 10 OTC & Prescription Medications Toxic to Cats

    What common over-the-counter or prescription medications are toxic to cats? Dr. Justine Lee reveals the top 10...
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  12. long-haired white cat in snow

    10 Cat Breeds That Thrive in Cold Weather

    Learn about 10 natural cat breeds that originated in cold weather and the physical traits that they adapted to survive...
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  13. Toyger cat next to scratching post

    Toyger Cat Breed Profile

    The Toyger cat is a tiger-resembling sweetheart that wants to spend time with their humans. Learn more about these...
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