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  1. grey cat inside grey Litter-Robot

    Grey Cat Breeds: Traits, Personality & How to Adopt

    Got a "thing" for grey cats? Grey/blue coloration is found in almost any cat breed. Let's take a look at some of...
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  2. tuxedo kitten playing with woman's hand

    How To Adopt a Cat – 8 Essential Steps

    Whether you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time or your resident kitty is open to a friend, there’s...
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  3. cat paws in litter box

    Why Do Cats Use Litter Boxes?

    To avoid being attacked by predators, ancestral cats had to cover up their tracks. Using a litter box is instinctual...
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  4. Bengal cat stalking through grass

    15 Exotic Cat Breeds You Can Adopt

    Interested in cats that look like tigers, leopards, lions, and bobcats? Adopt one of these exotic cats...
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  5. grey cat sleeping in the litter box

    Why Is My Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

    A cat sleeping in the litter box can be a serious health issue or stem from pregnancy, anxiety, and territorial guarding...
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  6. Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 - which one is the best Litter-Robot?

    Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 – What Really Changed?

    Is an upgrade to Litter-Robot 4 worth it? View our comparison of Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 to find out...
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  7. toybob cat playing - small cat breeds

    15 Smallest Cat Breeds & Miniature Cats That Stay Small

    Many cat breeds are naturally tiny, while some are derived from the Munchkin. These breeds stay kitten-like forever...
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  8. long-haired cat using elevated self-cleaning litter box

    Will My Cat Use an Elevated Litter Box?

    Read about the pros and cons of an elevated litter box and learn how to get your cat to use one...
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  9. British Shorthair cat inside Litter-Robot

    Best Litter Box for Messy Cats

    The best litter box for cats with messy habits is enclosed and self-cleaning with accessories that help further reduce...
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  10. Scented vs. Unscented Cat Litter: What Does the Research Say?

    Scented vs. Unscented Cat Litter: What Does the Research Say?

    You'll be surprised at what research says about the benefits and drawbacks of scented vs. unscented cat litter...
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  11. brown tabby cat lying on side

    How Many Times a Day Should a Cat Poop?

    Find out what’s normal and when there’s cause for concern, such as blood in cat poop, cat diarrhea, and more...
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  12. cleaner spray and step mat over sink

    How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell From Your Whole House

    Does your whole house smell like cat urine? Follow these steps to remove the odor. Remember, investing in a quality...
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  13. black and white cat inside black Litter-Robot 4

    What Is the Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control?

    The best cat litter box for odor control is automatic, partially enclosed, easy to clean, and contains a tightly...
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