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  1. Peterbald cat outside on a leash

    Peterbald Cat Breed Profile

    The Peterbald cat is an enchanting breed known for their big personalities and hairlessness, though their coat differs...
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  2. Singapura cat

    Singapura Cat Breed Profile

    The Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds. Discover their adorable face, spunky personality, and loving nature...
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  3. orange tabby Maine Coon with paw raised

    Maine Coon Lifespan: How Long Do Maine Coons Live?

    Find out what the average life expectancy is for the large Maine Coon cat and potential health concerns for the breed...
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  4. cat with vet

    How Often Do You Take a Cat to the Vet?

    Annual visits to the vet for your cat are highly recommended. Read more about when to take your cat to the vet and...
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  5. long-haired orange tabby cat in grass

    Cat Stung by a Bee? Here’s What To Do

    Find out how to treat bee or wasp stings on cats, and signs to watch for in case of an allergic reaction...
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  6. back of boy's head as he watches cartoon TV

    Cats on TV: Top 30 Felines in Cartoon Television

    Love cats on television? Here's a compilation of 30 of the most famous felines from cartoons and other entertainment...
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  7. cat nose and whiskers

    Why Is My Cat Sneezing? How To Help a Sneezing Cat

    There are many reasons why your cat may be sneezing, from allergies to infections. Learn why your cat is sneezing...
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  8. brown tabby cat lying on side

    Cat Poop: What’s Normal & What Isn’t

    Find out what’s normal and when there’s cause for concern, such as blood in cat poop, cat diarrhea, and more...
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  9. brown tabby cat looking out window

    How Long Do Cats Live? Average Lifespan of a House Cat

    House cats typically live 10 to 15 years, depending on breed, lifestyle, and activity levels. Read about the average...
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  10. Pregnant orange and white tabby cat

    How To Tell if a Cat Is Pregnant

    Cats will experience both physical and behavioral changes as a result of pregnancy. Learn about the signs of feline...
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  11. tortie cat face

    Tortoiseshell Cat: The Terrific Tortie Cat Guide

    Tortie cats are seen as lucky and unique, with their female-dominated tribe of loving felines. Learn more terrific...
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  12. girl and cat looking out a window together

    Cat Years To Human Years: A Guide To Calculating Your Cat's Age

    Find your cat's age in human years with an easy formula at Litter-Robot. Learn how to convert cat years to human...
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  13. human thumbs exposing cat teeth

    Cat Teeth Cleaning: Do or Don’t?

    Keeping your cat’s teeth clean is essential to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Learn more about the best p...
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