two cats using multiple litter boxes with different types of cat litter
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The Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cat Households

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Written by Cole Rodriguez

Having multiple cats makes cleaning the litter box a daunting task. If you have a single litter box for multiple cats, you’ll need to clean and replace the litter box often. However, there are ways to limit how often you need to clean the litter box—including choosing a high-quality litter designed for multiple cat households. So, what is the best cat litter for multiple cats?

When you have multiple cats, there is bound to be lots of odor and litter tracking, not to mention potential behavioral issues from cats that aren’t happy with their litter. It's difficult to find litter that suits each cat and solves issues like odor and tracking. 

Common litter box problems in multi-cat households

Using the wrong litter can cause problems among your cats. Learn about common issues with having multiple cats and how to maintain a happy and clean multi-cat household.

Cat peeing outside the litter box

Several issues can lead to cats peeing outside their litter box. Your cat could be stressed or anxious, leading to random urination. However, medical issues are also possible and should be checked immediately. 

Here are some medical conditions that may lead to peeing outside the litter box:

A litter box that isn't cleaned often enough could also be the reason for this behavior—cats don’t want to use a dirty litter box like people don’t want to use a dirty bathroom. If your cats are uncomfortable with the litter box's location or the type of litter used, this could deter them from using the litter box. 

Cats marking their territory

Cats will spray to mark their territory. In a household with multiple cats, your cats may spray to avoid confrontation with other cats. If you don’t want your walls or furniture ruined, there are ways to resolve this behavior. 

Stress is the main reason cats spray. You want to create a comfortable environment for your cats where they don’t feel threatened. Separate cats that don’t get along, or at least provide ways for cats to separate themselves: This includes access to cat furniture, cat shelves, and cat beds. Try to maintain a consistent routine and gradually introduce your cat to changes in the environment to prevent stress and keep them comfortable. 

Factors to consider when choosing the best cat litter for multiple cats

how to choose the best cat litter for multiple cats

Odor control 

Multiple cats can create strong odors, especially when using one litter box. When choosing a litter for your cats, you want to make sure the type and brand of litter has effective odor control properties. Unscented cat litter is typically preferred as the best cat litter for odors, particularly clumping clay litter. 

Litter tracking and dust

When cats exit their litter box, they often track litter and dust onto the floor. This effect is even more prevalent and problematic when you have multiple cats. Using cat litter mats or ramps helps to reduce litter tracking, but you’ll also want to purchase a type of litter that produces less dust and reduces litter tracking. The best non-tracking cat litter options are biodegradable litter materials, such as pellet, natural, or paper-based.

Clumping ability

In a multiple cat household, the clumping ability of your litter is very important. Litter clumping traps all the waste together, making it easier to remove waste. If you must scoop for multiple cats, a good clumping litter makes your job much easier. High-quality clumping litter also traps odors, reducing the smell of cat waste. When choosing the best cat litter for multiple cats, pick a high-quality clumping litter specifically designed for multi-cat households. These litters are made for increased usage and have enhanced clumping abilities and odor control.

Material type

Litter material impacts all of the factors that best suit a multi-cat household. The most important factor when choosing litter is finding what your cat prefers to use.

  • Clay and crystal litters have superior odor-control properties with enhanced clumping.
  • Biodegradable litter uses natural materials like pine pellets and paper that are safe for cats and great for reducing litter tracking and dust.

The best cat litter for multiple cats depends on what you need for your home and what your cats will use.

Factors to avoid 

With multiple cats comes a higher complexity. Each cat has their own litter preferences and behaves differently when it's time to go to the bathroom. Here are some key pitfalls to avoid when selecting a cat litter for your feline family to ensure you meet the needs of both your cats and your home:

Non-clumping litter

Non-clumping litter can make cleaning difficult, leading to more frequent changes and potential odor issues. Cleaning the litter box is already time-consuming enough; there is no need to complicate it! 

High dust levels

Dusty litter can cause respiratory issues for both cats and humans and make a real mess around the house, especially with multiple cats. Opt for low-dust cat litter or dust-free options to accommodate everyone's needs and reduce litter tracking around the house. 

Strongly scented litter

Opting for scented litter may seem like a good idea for odor control, but it tends to have the opposite effect. Because of their strong sense of smell, cats hate many smells that can be off-putting or even harmful. Unscented or mildly scented cat litter options are preferable. 

The best cat litter for multiple cats

tortie Siberian cat with bag of GreatLitter

Finding the perfect balance between cleanliness and cat happiness regarding litter can be difficult. Studies show that most cats prefer clay-clumping litter with odor control. If you want a less messy option that reduces litter tracking and dust, consider biodegradable litter, such as natural or paper-based litter. If you are looking for a litter option that provides the best of both worlds, we recommend GreatLitter®.

This premium, all-natural litter is formulated for Litter-Robot and works well with traditional litter boxes. GreatLitter is made of sun-dried clay designed to trap odors and feel comfortable on your cats’ paws. The sun-dried clay is also specifically enhanced to reduce dust and litter tracking, making it the best cat litter for odor control and the best non-tracking cat litter. 

GreatLitter is proven to: 

  • Reduce litter dust and tracking caused by multiple cats
  • Reduce odors thanks to fast clumping action 
  • Accommodate the needs of sensitive cats, as it is made with a single ingredient and doesn't contain additives or perfumes

If you want to buy the best litter for multiple cats, choose GreatLitter®

Tips for managing litter boxes in multi-cat households

woman holding calico cat while orange tabby uses Litter-Robot 4

Choosing the right litter box

If you’re investigating the best cat litter, you may also want to consider the best litter box for a multi-cat household. When buying a litter box, you must consider certain factors to create a comfortable environment for you and your cats. These tips will help you decide which litter box is best for multiple cats and which is the best cat litter box for your home. 

Look for: 

  • Solid litter box material that won't tip over if there's more than one cat around
  • Large litter box size to accommodate for more waste 
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes to ensure a clean litter box at all times – often crucial in multiple cat households


  • Small litter boxes that will cause crowding and stress
  • Litter boxes with low sides to reduce litter being kicked out, which is just bound to happen with multiple cats

Purchasing more litter boxes

Some pet households have a cat hierarchy that may result in territorial behavior. Having multiple litter boxes reduces the likelihood of one of your cats being territorial and another cat peeing outside the litter box.  So, if you have multiple cats, how many litter boxes should you get? 

The general rule of thumb is to have as many litter boxes as you have cats, plus one. So, if you have 3 cats you should have 4 litter boxes. This allows you to accommodate all of your cats and gives them enough space to prevent any unwanted altercations. 

Reasons to have multiple litter boxes include:

  • Territorial cats
  • Stressed cats
  • Allows cats their own space
  • Prevents large messes

Of course, you can make one litter box work for multiple cats if you can handle the smell and cleaning, but this is not a healthy or ideal option for your cats. If you have territorial cats that constantly fight or your house smells like urine, you absolutely need to purchase more than one litter box. 

Cleaning the litter box regularly

Having multiple cats means many trips to the litter box and many cleaning sessions on your part. With multiple cats, you should aim to clean the litter box at least once a day to avoid territorial issues between cats, which can result in cat urine next to the litter box. Yuck! 

Unfortunately, litter box cleaning for multiple cats can be time-consuming. As cleaning frequency is an important factor when choosing the best cat litter boxes, you might want to consider a self-cleaning litter box.

If you don’t want to worry about constantly scooping, an automatic, self-cleaning litter box provides a hands-off alternative, saving you time and energy. An automatic, self-cleaning litter box ensures a clean bed of litter after every use and reduces the need to constantly clean and replace the litter box. Consider the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats: Litter-Robot.

Litter-Robot is a smart, automatic, self-cleaning litter box that provides everything you need and more for a multiple cat household. It uses a patented sifting process that deposits waste into a drawer below the unit, containing odors. The quick and quiet cleaning cycle begins shortly after your cat exits the globe. Litter-Robot features SmartScale technology that identifies trends in your cat's weight, allowing you to monitor health and litter box behavior in all of your cats.