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  1. Calico kitten lying on side

    Ask the Vet: What Causes Blood in Cat Urine?

    Is your cat peeing blood? Dr. Justine Lee explains what causes blood in cat urine, how to diagnose your cat's condition, and treatment.
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  2. Bengal cat lying on multi-colored couch cushion

    Kidney Stones in Cats: How To Care For Your Cat

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses symptoms and treatment of kidney stones in cats, ureteroliths, bladder stones in cats, and urethral stones in cats.
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  3. Tabby kitten outside

    What Is FIV? Facts About FIV and FeLV

    What is the difference between FIV and FeLV? Dr. Justine Lee explains that these contagious diseases affect a cat's immune system, but one is more devastating than the other.
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  4. Devon Rex cat on table

    How To Treat Ringworm In Cats: Feline Care Guide

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses the signs and treatment of ringworm in cats. Learn how you can protect your cat and yourself from this fungal disease.
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  5. Toddler playing with Siamese cat outside

    Ask The Vet: Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

    Dr. Justine Lee gives tips on how to provide indoor vs outdoor cats the best and safest life from a veterinarian's perspective.
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  6. Dr Justine Lee sitting near a Litter-Robot with cat

    10 Reasons Why This Vet Keeps Her Cats Indoors

    Emergency critical care veterinary specialist Dr. Justine Lee explains that she keeps her cats indoors to lower their risk of harm or injury.
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  7. Dr Justine Lee standing near a Litter-Robot

    Living with FeLV, or Feline Leukemia

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses what you need to know about living with feline leukemia. Learn about the FeLV vaccine and how to care for your FeLV+ cat.
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  8. Dr Justine Lee sitting near a Litter-Robot with cat

    What Is Feline Leukemia (FeLV)?

    Dr. Justine Lee reviews all you need to know about Feline Leukemia (FeLV) in cats, such as how it’s transmitted, clinical signs, and diagnosis.
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  9. orange tabby cat sleeping

    How Long Do FIV+ Cats Live?

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses what causes feline immunodeficiency virus - FIV in cats - and what kind of prognosis you can expect for FIV+ cats.
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  10. Dr Justine Lee sitting near a Litter-Robot with cat

    Top 10 OTC & Prescription Medications Toxic to Cats

    What common over-the-counter or prescription medications are toxic to cats? Dr. Justine Lee reveals the top 10 medications.
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  11. hand scratching under chin of calico cat

    Common Causes of Skin Disease in Cats

    Is your cat losing hair? Dr. Justine Lee explains the signs and causes of skin disease in cats, including fleas, allergies, and more.
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  12. brown tabby cat lying on blue couch

    What is Colitis in Cats?

    Dr. Justine Lee explains what colitis in cats is, including the signs, how to diagnose, causes depending on a cat's age, and treatment options.
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  13. grey tabby and orange tabby looking out windows

    Ask The Vet: How To Introduce Cats

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses how to introduce cats correctly so that they'll form a lifelong friendship. Most importantly, go slow when introducing new cats.
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