Dr. Laria Herod is a full-time veterinarian and the content creator behind Squally Muffin, a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on human and pet parenting. She shares engaging content on several social media platforms with the help of her doting husband, their adorable daughters, adopted family dog, and chatty cat. After completing her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Laria left her home state to enjoy 300+ days of summer in the greater Phoenix area.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
  • 2016 - 2020
  • Bachelor of Science, Animal Sciences
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2012 - 2017


Dr. Laria Herod is Small Animal General Practice Associate Veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital in Queen Creek, Arizona. She began her journey as a blogger turned influencer turned content creator while in veterinary school. When she is not creating new memories with her family, she likes to fill in at various veterinary hospitals across the greater Phoenix area to help with the great veterinary shortage.


  1. tabby cat tail crooked

    How To Spot a Broken Cat Tail & Other Tail Injuries

    Learn how to recognize a broken cat tail and other common cat tail injuries...
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    How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas in the House

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    Are Lilies Poisonous to Cats? Absolutely

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    Cat Frequent Urination: Top Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing a Lot

    Is your cat making frequent trips to the litter box? If your cat keeps going to the litter box but nothing happens...
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  5. Persian cat with epiphora staining

    Epiphora In Cats, AKA Cat Tear Stains

    Epiphora is a type of cat eye discharge, also called cat tear stains, common in Persian and Himalayan cats...
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    Why Is My Cat Pooping on the Floor? Reasons & How to Stop

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    Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

    If you see your cat eating grass and vomiting frequently afterward, seek help from your vet...
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    How Long Is a Cat in Heat?

    What are the signs of a cat in heat? The average length of time a cat is in heat is 7 days...
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    Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

    And how do you prevent it? This nasty habit, referred to as coprophagia, is somewhat normal in dogs...
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    Toxoplasmosis in Cats: Should Pregnant People Worry?

    The litter box poses a low but serious risk for pregnant people. Learn how to protect yourself during pregnancy...
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    How To Give a Cat a Pill

    Learn about 3 options for how to give a cat a pill … without losing an eye...
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    12 Houseplants Safe for Cats

    Plants in a household with curious cats can be dangerous. Check out 12 houseplants safe for cats...
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    Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

    Peanut butter is not toxic to cats, but it doesn't provide any nutritional value for felines either...
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