Cat Personalities

  1. long-haired lap cat

    Most Affectionate Cat Breeds & Lap Cats

    Find out why cats like to cuddle, how to make your cat a lap cat, and what the most affectionate cat breeds are...
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  2. Siberian cat swimming in water

    9 Cats That Like Water (& Why Most Hate It)

    Why do cats hate water? Not all do! Check out these 9 cat breeds that like water...
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  3. Persian cat sleeping

    Lazy Cat Breeds To Lie Around With

    Cats know how to embrace laziness – they sleep 15 hours a day on average. Check out 5 lazy cat breeds...
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  4. Bengal cat with feather toy

    Cats That Act Like Dogs: 15+ Breeds

    Looking for cats that play fetch, learn tricks, and swim? AKA, cats that act like dogs? Here are 15+ breeds...
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  5. Scottish Fold calm cat breed

    Calm Cat Breeds for a More Serene Home

    If you’re looking for a kitty with a mellow demeanor, you may want to consider one of these calm cat breeds...
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  6. calico cat being pet next to person's legs

    15 Friendliest Cat Breeds To Add To Your Family

    These friendliest cat breeds will greet you at the door, rub against the legs of strangers, and befriend just about...
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  7. two kids with tabby cat

    Best Cats for Kids & Tips to Get Along

    Let's look at the best cat breeds for kids, as well as tips to ensure your child and cat get along...
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  8. brown tabby cat playing with cat wand toy

    Playful Cat Breeds with High Energy

    Looking to adopt an active and energetic cat? We’ve rounded up a list of the most playful cat breeds to bring into...
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  9. long-haired mouser cat pouncing in grass

    Are Cats Apex Predators?

    How high can cats jump? How fast can cats run? What are the best mouser cats? Learn why cats are apex predators...
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  10. side profile of Somali cat looking up

    Somali Cat Personality: How Do Somali Cats Act?

    The Somali cat is an intelligent and playful feline that requires active involvement from their humans. Learn more...
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  11. Burmese cat sitting

    Burmese Cat Personality: How Do Burmese Cats Act?

    The Burmese cat is outgoing, personable, and extremely curious. Discover more about this family-friendly cat that...
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  12. white Turkish Angora cat with blue eyes

    Turkish Angora Cat Personality: How Do Turkish Angoras Act?

    The Turkish Angora cat is an ancient natural breed that is playful, affectionate, and people-oriented. Learn more...
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  13. Balinese cat lying on couch

    Balinese Cat Personality: How Do Balinese Cats Act?

    The Balinese is a friendly, outgoing, and lovable cat that wants to be involved with their humans 24/7. Discover...
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