High-Energy Cat Breeds
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High-Energy Cat Breeds

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If you’ve been looking to adopt a cat, but you want an especially high-energy breed, then you’re in luck. The thoughtful folks at Purina have compiled a rather comprehensive list of the most high-energy cat breeds, and they’ve even given us a little tidbit of info on each of these vigorous kitties, as well!


These little rascals are a ton of fun! Small, though nimble, males of this breed grow to about 7-10 pounds and females to roughly 6-8 pounds. Their medium coats vary between ruddy, red, blue and fawn, but beneath them lie muscular builds that are hardly ever at rest. The Abyssinian cat breed is almost beyond active; it’s simply always on the move, resting only for a nap or a snack. The constant love of this people-friendly breed will be ideal for a family with post-toddler aged children.


This breed is full of fun and life. A bit larger than the Abyssinian, but still quite compact, males are about 8-14 pounds and females are 6-10 pounds. The Burmese cat has a short coat that is sable, champagne, blue or platinum, and this breed is never loud, but is known instead for its soft crooning. A great cat for families with young children or even a friendly pooch, this breed loves physical affection and you’ll love gazing into their enormous eyes.


This stunning breed is really a sight to behold. The Ocicat is a bit larger still than the Burmese, weighing in at 10-15 pounds for males and 7-12 for females. Their short, satiny coats are known to occur in almost every hue, including tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, and a number of differently shaded silvers, and they are the only spotted domesticated cats. This breed is outspoken, bold, sociable and loves the company of humans. They’re also known to be healthy, living up to 18 years.


A similarly marvelous and high-energy breed, the Toyger is only slightly smaller on average than the Ocicat, with males weighing about 10-15 pounds and females weighing approximately 7-10 pounds. This breed is adorned in a short, plush coat that emulates the stripes of a jungle tiger. Like the aforementioned breeds, the Toyger is friendly with people and other pets, even being known to enjoy the attention of strangers. And the Toyger is particularly known for its intelligence.

These are just a few of a long list of friendly, playful and energetic cat breeds that behave almost more like dogs than they do like cats. When you’re looking for a truly outgoing and spry kitty, looking into these beautiful breeds is a good place to start.