Cats Drinking From Water Fountains
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Cats Drinking From Water Fountains

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When your cat’s thirsty your cat’s thirsty, and there’s just no way around it. Sure, it’ll drink water from a bowl, but there’s nothing quite as thrilling and exhilarating as the feeling of cool, running water over a parched tongue. Whether you’re a human, a canine or a feline, you know that wonderful, glorious feeling when your overwhelming thirst is quenched, and you can finally lie back and relax completely. That’s how kitties feel when they get access to the water fountains.

This kitty is getting ready to fully enjoy the wonder that is a vertical stream of cool, refreshing water. Up it goes, miraculously defying gravity until, wait, there it starts to fold over itself and, yes, it’s coming toward this thirsty, thirsty feline. Victory awaits those with patience!

This voraciously thirsty kitty has found what appears to be some sort of sink faucet or wall spigot from which the scrumptiously refreshing water pours straight down and out, relieving all of this pussy cat’s thirst. Oh, yes, that really does hit the spot!

It’s oddly difficult to say whether or not this cat is enjoying itself, or if, perhaps, it was just so cripplingly thirsty that it’s taking the hopefully cool and replenishing water from this kitchen tap in efforts of satisfying a necessity, rather than fulfilling a pleasant creature comfort. Also, does anyone else think that this cat’s tongue is disproportionately long?

This kitty looks like it’s either still working on developing and mastering the skills necessary to turn the faucet’s knob far enough to get a decent flow going, or maybe it’s just drinking up the last precious few drops of water that exist in the entire world! Hopefully not though, and, to be completely honest, that’s doubtfully the case.

So, whether your cat does it for fun or out of an utter biological imperative and function of survival, or perhaps just somewhere in between, you may consider offering your cat the opportunity to enjoy some moving water from time to time. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with serving up water in a bowl (it is the traditional means, after all), but a little drink from a water fountain every once in a while might be just the pleasant treat your cat’s been looking for.


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