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Is a Covered Litter Box Better?

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A question many pet parents ask is whether they should provide their feline family with a covered litter box vs uncovered litter box. You want the best for your furry companions, but it is also fair to want what is best for your home. 

A covered cat litter box, like the self-cleaning litter box Litter-Robot, provides cats with the privacy they need while also helping homes stay fresh and free of feline odors. But are covered litter boxes really a great way to stop litter box odors? 

Keep reading to find out how covered litter boxes work and how they can improve your cat's bathroom experience.

How does a covered litter box work?

Persian cat using self-cleaning covered litter box

A covered cat litter box is a simple concept. It is literally a litter box that has a cover over it, and that cover is often either a dome or a hood. Covered cat litter boxes allow cats to have privacy when nature calls. 

They are also a great solution to keep odors at bay. Depending on the problems that you want to address, covered cat litter boxes might work better for you than other litter box options. 

The most common problem that pet parents face is when their cat doesn’t use the box as they should. This is usually not because of the differences between a covered litter box vs uncovered litter box. Typically, the actual reason that cats do not use their litter box is that the litter box is not being cleaned frequently enough. 

If that is the reason why your cat is urinating where they shouldn’t, self-cleaning products like Litter-Robot should be at the top of your list! 

Do covered litter boxes help with smell and tracking?

If you are searching for a covered litter box to help with odors, find one that comes with a sealed drawer, carbon filter, or other odor-eliminating accessories such as OdorTrap™. These components contain or even eliminate unpleasant odors to help keep your home smelling fresh.

Covered litter boxes can also help with litter tracking and residue, particularly if you use dusty cat litter. Instead of wafting up and out of the litter box, that cloud of dust stays contained. (Even better, go with a low-dust, low-tracking cat litter.) 

Where should I keep my cat’s litter box in the house?

The location of your cat’s litter box will depend on many factors. First of all, consider the accessibility for your cat. Are they able to easily get in and out of the litter box without having to jump over hurdles? Is the room you’ve put it in accessible to your cat at all hours of the day? If not, you will likely notice that your cat has accidents throughout the house because of the fact that your cat can’t get into the room with their litter box whenever they need it.

Also, make sure you consider your cat's preferences. If you find that your cat prefers to use their litter box in quieter areas like the bedroom or bathroom instead of other areas in the house, place their litter box in the part of the house where they are most comfortable.

The great news is that with Litter-Robot 4’s odor neutralizing technology, you can put the litter box anywhere in the house. If you don’t want to have the litter box visible, there are various furniture options that conceal the litter box while keeping your cat's preference the top priority. 

How often should you clean out your litter box?

You should clean your litter box as often as your cat needs you to, but what does that mean? The answer relies on numerous factors, one of which is the number of cats that utilize the box. 

Depending on how many felines live in your home, you could end up scooping the cat box multiple times per day. In single-cat homes, you really only need to scoop the litter box once per day—but more cats means more time spent scooping every day. 

However, with Litter-Robot you won’t have to scoop litter ever again. Instead, the automatic litter box collects the deposits for you. 

All you have to do is empty the waste drawer when it’s full. The WiFi-enabled litter box will even notify you through the Whisker app when the drawer is ready to be emptied. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

Cleaning your cat's litter box does not just involve removing waste, though. You will also want to ensure that you use cleaning supplies like all-natural, pet-safe wipes on a monthly basis to keep your cat’s litter box at peak freshness. 

You should also replace the clumping cat litter and OdorTrap™ Packs on a regular basis. Many find that they need to replace litter every two to four weeks, but this can vary depending on the number of cats that frequent the box. Embrace convenience by subscribing to must-have cat products.

How to transition your cat to a covered litter box

If your feline friend is accustomed to an open litter box, you simply need to acclimate your cat to a covered cat litter box. Cats are curious by nature, and most cats will adjust to new boxes without any problems. Following these tried and true tips for helping your cat transition will make their new litter box less intimidating. 

Start by giving your cat plenty of time to investigate their new litter box. When you’re ready to introduce them to the litter box, you can use treats or catnip to encourage them to enter the enclosure. Be sure to place the new covered litter box in the same room as the existing uncovered litter box when making the initial introduction, too. 

Over time, you will want to make the old box less attractive by allowing waste to accumulate in the old box. Cats like a clean place to go, so letting the old box get a little dirty will deter them from using that box anymore! 

Slow and steady wins the race, so be patient as you help your cat acclimate to their new covered cat litter box. 

4 reasons you need a covered cat litter box like Litter-Robot

cat using covered litter box with man and woman in foreground

Having a quality litter box is usually at the top of every pet parent’s list of supplies for their furry family member. But not all litter boxes are created equal. As we explored above, covered litter boxes can help keep smells contained unlike uncovered litter boxes. 

However, not all covered cat litter boxes help pet parents the way that Litter-Robot does. Some require scooping while others are too small, but Litter-Robot is just right! You’ll find that Litter-Robot was designed with cats and their parents in mind. 

Here are the top four reasons why you need Litter-Robot.

Large litter box 

Is your cat claustrophobic? Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but some cats do not like enclosed spaces. Litter-Robot is a semi-open globe that is categorized as a big litter box because it’s larger than the other options on the market. 

This means that it will help you contain odors while simultaneously helping your cat feel comfortable in an enclosed space. Do you have a large cat? If so, you can rest assured that your cat will have plenty of space to use the bathroom in this big box. 

Safety features

Litter-Robot is a high-tech self-cleaning litter box. After your cat has exited the globe, a timer will begin to count down. From there, the litter will be cycled according to your selected timeframe, and the deposits will be placed into the waste drawer. 

Litter-Robot’s cat sensor technology and pinch detect safety systems provide pet parents with peace of mind. The cat sensor knows when a cat is inside of the litter box thanks to a weight-sensitive switch. 

The litter box can tell when the weight of the litter box has changed, and this feature will ensure that it never cycles while your feline family is inside. It’s important to note that kittens under 5 pounds do not weigh enough to alert the cat sensor on Litter-Robot 3 Connect (or kittens under 3 pounds on Litter-Robot 4), so they should not use the litter box in automatic mode until they weigh enough. 

Use any clumping cat litter

Does your cat have a favorite brand or style of clumping cat litter? If so, it can help your cat transition to Litter-Robot. Almost all types of clumping cat litter can be used with Litter-Robot, which is great news because using litter your cat is already familiar with will help you ease their transition into the new box.

However, if you are searching for high-quality litter and cat waste bags for your waste drawer, Litter-Robot sells top-tier accessories. These products will help keep your cat happy and the cleanup process mess-free!

No weight limit

Larger cats don’t fit into smaller enclosed boxes, and Litter-Robot was designed with these bigger cats in mind. This all-inclusive cat litter box has no upper weight limits. 

Large cats can walk in, turn around, and get comfortable before they use the bathroom. Thanks to Litter-Robot, cats of all sizes will have adequate space to do their business. The larger entryway and expanded litter bed area will also make cats of all sizes feel comfortable entering and exiting the litter box! 

Advantages of a covered litter box like Litter-Robot 

There are numerous advantages of having a covered cat litter box. First and foremost, Litter-Robot has superior odor control, meaning it can be placed anywhere in your home while significantly reducing unpleasant odors that permeate the rest of the room. The litter box is also aesthetically pleasing. 

Litter-Robot not only covers the waste left behind in the globe, it also cycles the waste out for you, so there’s no scooping involved. Talk about a win-win. 

Yet another perk is the fact that Litter-Robot does a great job at keeping dogs out of the litter box. If you are having a hard time with your dog trying to sneak a cat poop snack, the covered cat litter box will help rectify that!

Disadvantages of a covered cat litter box

The biggest disadvantage of a covered cat litter box is that it might take a while to acclimate cats that prefer open spaces. However, if your cat fits that description, you can start by adding a piece of cat furniture like the Cat Silo to your home to help them get comfortable with a semi-enclosed space before you introduce them to Litter-Robot. 

Litter-Robot covered litter box vs uncovered litter box

When comparing an uncovered litter box to Litter-Robot, there is a clear winner: Litter-Robot!

Uncovered litter boxes:

  • Require scooping
  • Display cat waste
  • Have strong odors that can spread throughout the room and house
  • Are open to dogs having access to the litter and waste 

Unlike uncovered litter boxes, Litter-Robot:

  • Requires no scooping
  • Is aesthetically pleasing and conceals waste
  • Has superior odor control
  • Keeps dogs out of the litter box

Selecting the best covered litter box

Litter-Robot is the smartest litter box on the market. It’s perfect for pet parents who are looking to keep their home free of odors, the cleanup process easy, and their cats happy. 

You won’t have to waste time cleaning the litter yourself, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your cat is secure thanks to the tech-savvy safety features. When you’re ready to experience game-changing automated products from Whisker, consider the Litter-Robot 4 Connected Home Bundle. This bundle includes Litter-Robot 4 as well as Feeder-Robot, which will automate your cat’s feeding schedule, keeping them full and happy!

Do covered litter boxes smell less?

Covered litter boxes typically smell less, especially one like Litter-Robot 4 that uses a sealed waste drawer and OdorTrap™ technology to contain and eliminate odors.

Are enclosed litter boxes bad for cats?

No, as long as the manufacturer has taken safety precautions to ensure that cats are not harmed while inside the box. Litter-Robot is equipped with cat-sensing technology and detection to ensure that your cat is safe when using the self-cleaning, enclosed litter box.


Orange cat inside Litter-Robot 3 Connect with white-grey cat watching - is a covered cat litter box better?