cat in hidden litter box furniture
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What Is the Best Hidden Litter Box Furniture?

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How do you hide the litter box without hindering your cat’s access to their bathroom? With hidden litter box furniture! Learn why there are benefits to hiding the litter box, especially inside a stylish piece of decor. Check out our top picks for hidden litter box furniture below.

two cats using litter box storage cabinet

Maximizing vertical space

One way to deal with unsightly litter boxes is to maximize vertical space. Not only will you use less floor space, your gaze will also automatically focus on what's happening at eye level rather than on the ground where the cat litter box is.  For that reason and more, hiding the cat litter box under or inside furniture is often a good play. 

  • Enclosed cabinets with shelves: Consider using a tall cabinet with multiple shelves. The bottom section can house the litter box, while the upper shelves provide storage for cat essentials like food, toys, or grooming supplies. Choose a cabinet with a front opening or a discreet entry point to allow your cat easy access.
  • Hidden nooks and crannies: find unused corners of your home and use vertical shelving to incorporate the litter box in the lower section, leaving the upper shelves for decorative items or functional storage
  • Cat furniture: hidden cat litter box furniture can cleverly conceal this unsightly box. With built-in compartments, these pieces serve a dual purpose: practical and aesthetic.

Why use hidden cat litter box furniture?

There are always reasons to hide the litter box. Litter boxes are inherently not the most lovely, appealing items in your home, and if they happen to exist in shared space, like a bathroom or laundry room, you may not want to be constantly confronted by a box of pee and poop.

You may have a small apartment where you don’t want the litter box out in the open, or dogs in the home that like to sniff out “treats” in the litter box. As long as it is easily accessible to your cat, a hidden cat litter box can be a real benefit to your pet household.

Small spaces

If you live in a studio or small apartment, you probably have limited options for where to place the litter box—and even fewer options for where to hide one. Maximizing space (and vertical space!) therefore becomes capital. `

A piece of hidden litter box furniture should not only hide the litter box in your small space, it should provide functional use in other ways. Think storage, shelving, or even a TV stand.


Even a litter box with a modern design may not jive with your home decor. At the end of the day, it’s still an appliance that holds your cat’s waste! Hiding the litter box inside a stylish piece of furniture is the ideal way to “dress up” your cat’s toilet. Chances are good that your guests won’t know there’s a litter box in the house, period.

Dogs at home

The icky fact is, many dogs eat cat poop if given the opportunity. A dirty open litter box is a veritable treasure trove of snacks for your scavenging pup. Not only is this behavior gross, it can make your dog sick and create a big mess for you. While there are many dog-proof litter box options out there, the simplest choice may be to invest in hidden litter box furniture.

Odor control 

The litter box inevitably stinks. However, the more barriers between the litter box and the open air, the better the odor control will be. Whether that’s a covered litter box or hidden litter box furniture, less exposure to air will result in fewer odors. Just make sure the litter box is easily accessible for your kitty!


For many cats, using the litter box is a private experience. Your cat may feel vulnerable if forced to use the litter box out in the open where heavy foot traffic occurs. As a result, they may choose to go to the bathroom outside of the litter box. Hidden litter box furniture provides your kitty with some well-deserved concealment!

Cat furniture trends

There’s a nearly infinite list of options when it comes to how you, as a cat owner, can choose to situate your cat’s litter box within your shared living space. After all, you’ve got to live there, too, so you want to make sure that you’re also comfortable with the arrangement. 

Modern and stylish designs

Sleek lines, minimalist designs, and stylish materials have become popular among pet owners who prioritize aesthetics. Best when your cat furniture seamlessly blends into your home decor.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Cat furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as acting as an additional shelve, hiding spot, and or cat perch, has been in demand. Furniture that can be integrated into human living spaces while offering functionality for cats is highly sought after.

Natural and Organic Elements

This year, furniture incorporating natural materials like wood has been increasingly popular and that's true for litter box furniture as well. This trend aligns with the desire for a more organic and visually appealing environment for both pets and their owners.

What makes a good piece of cat furniture? 

Ask yourself this question: What makes a good piece of furniture for you? Is it pretty, comfortable, practical, what you need, and worth the cost? Here are some of the main points of consideration when it comes to cat furniture:


Cats can be messy, and some materials are easier to clean than others. Furniture with smooth and wipeable surfaces may be preferable to both cats and their owners.

In addition, cats may have specific texture preferences when it comes to sitting or lying down. Some may prefer smooth and natural, non-slippery surfaces like wood.


You should be looking to buy cat furniture with a goal in mind. Sure, it will hide the cat litter box but would you also like to use it for decor in the living room? 

Cost savings

Cats need a place to scratch and stretch their claws, preferably on different types of surfaces. Without a proper outlet, your cat may start to tear apart your furniture. For example, if your cat scratches your couch to the point of cosmetic or even functional damage, then you will have to buy a new couch.

If you buy the right piece of furniture for your cat to take their “scratching fix” out on, then you will not have to worry about your cat tearing apart your couch. This will leave you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day. 

The best cat litter box furniture options

It’s easy to make the case for hidden cat litter box furniture. But how do you find pieces that are functional without sacrificing your home interior design? Find out why litter box furniture by Whisker—maker of Litter-Robot—is the premier choice in both design and functionality.

For beachy or modern farmhouse decor: Coastal Credenza

coastal credenza hidden litter box furniture

The Coastal Credenza not only hides the litter box, it also fulfills its function as a charming piece of furniture for any cat parent who loves a bright yet rustic look!

Special features

The Coastal Credenza is finished in white plank and constructed of composite wood, which can better withstand scratches and spills (including urine) than traditional wood. The credenza also contains a USB power hub on one side. 


The three farmhouse-style credenza doors make it easy to place your Litter-Robot or traditional litter box inside with room to spare. Your cat can easily access the litter box through the open side entry. The Coastal Credenza is also designed for use with flat panel televisions weighing fewer than 50 pounds. (Do not use a TV that weighs more.)

Dimensions: 43.2”W x 28.1”D x 33.1”H

For extra storage: Litter Box Storage Cabinet 

two cats using storage cabinet hidden litter box furniture

The Litter Box Storage Cabinet with optional hutch is perfect for cat parents who want to hide the litter box while utilizing storage space above. 

Special features

The Litter Box Storage Cabinet features a sleek coffee oak finish. The optional hutch really makes this piece stand out, as it offers additional shelving space and doubles as a modern cat tree with its cutout holes. It’s a space for both you and your cat to enjoy!


Your cat has access to Litter-Robot or a traditional litter box inside the cabinet via the interchangeable open side entry. This storage cabinet is constructed of composite wood and can withstand scratches and stains.

Dimensions: Cabinet: 30.7”W x 28.1”D x 34.3”H; Hutch: 30.2”W x 17.2”D x 35.9”H

For saving space: Corner Credenza

calico cat exiting Corner Credenza hidden litter box furniture

The Corner Credenza allows you to conceal the litter box with a stylish corner piece designed to fit perfectly in any space.

Special features

If you’re short on space, the Corner Credenza is a solution that combines storage and style. It features composite wood that can withstand scratches and spills, and a rustic farmhouse finish with metal frame.


Place your Litter-Robot or traditional litter box behind the double doors, accessible to kitty via the interchangeable open side entry. Integrated shelving provides room for small supplies or decor.

Dimensions: 47.63"L x 32.83"D x 34.76"H

Why hidden litter box furniture from Whisker is the best choice

Whisker, maker of Litter-Robot, offers the best hidden cat litter box furniture on the market. Design meets functionality with these furniture pieces, especially when you can store the highest-rated self-cleaning litter boxes with ease.

If you’re looking for hidden litter box furniture and are tired of scooping, look no further than our Litter-Robot furniture bundles! These bundles come with free shipping in the contiguous U.S., a 90-day in-home trial, and a 3-year warranty.

Why wait? Stop scooping and hide the litter box today.

Which is better, a covered or uncovered litter box?

Is a covered litter box better? Your cat may prefer a covered litter box like Litter-Robot for added privacy, which will aid in odor control as well as viewing the unsightly contents inside the litter box. On the other hand, some cats prefer an uncovered litter box for an open-air experience.

How can I hide the cat litter box from my dog?

The easiest way to hide the cat litter box from your dog is inside a piece of litter box furniture, which allows full access to your cat while restricting your curious canine. You can also place the litter box out of your dog’s reach on a counter or behind a pet gate.

How do you hide a litter box in plain sight?

The best option to hide a litter box in plain sight is with hidden litter box furniture. You’ll have a stylish and functional piece of furniture that just happens to hold the litter box inside, hidden from view! Your cat will also have easy access to their litter box.

Longhaired cat on top of litter box credenza with Litter-Robot inside- what is the best hidden litter box furniture?