Smallest Cat Breeds
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Smallest Cat Breeds

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If you’re not looking for a behemoth of a cat, but, instead, you’re in the market for a particularly tiny kitty, then you may be interested in any of these smallest cat breeds. Pets 4 Homes shares with us their list of the five smallest breeds of housecat, each one teensier and cuter than the last. So, if you want a cat that will look and feel like a kitten forever, you may want to give these breeds a try!


Commonly held as the smallest breed of cat in the world, the Singapura will, on average, only grow to roughly half the size of an ordinary-sized housecat. This breed is actually a close relative of the Abyssinian, and shares a similar physique in its compact, yet lean body, its tall ears and bright eyes. These little rascals are fun-loving, energetic and love to climb and adventure.


This breed is a particularly interesting one, as its body is not all that much smaller than an average housecat, but its legs are considerably shorter. This gives the Munchkin cat a much lower profile, almost like a cat in permanent stalking stance. The adorable little Munchkin is just as spry and animated as any other breed, and loves to jump and run, but just not quite as far or fast as its longer-legged counterparts.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat has a very distinctive kitten-like appearance, as well as having a distinctively delicate and crimped coat. Their playfulness is similar to the Siamese breed, with which they also share a striking facial resemblance, along with some key character traits, such as strong companionship, verbosity and smarts.

Devon Rex

Although quite similar in many ways to the Cornish Rex, this breed maintains its distinction in its bigger-than-life personality. The Devon Rex cat shares many of the physical features of the Cornish Rex, such as its small and slender physique, its expansive ears and even its signature coat. The Devon Rex, however, is considered even more outgoing than the Cornish Rex, being known to learn tricks from its owner.

American Curl

Though not quite as small as some of the previously mentioned breeds, the American Curl cat does still tend to be on the smaller side. These cats are very aesthetically appealing, with good, balanced proportions and a characteristic backward curling of the ears, which is from where their name originates. The American Curl is a very sociable and lively breed, which makes a terrific companion for any prospective cat owner.

If you want to enjoy that cute and cuddly kitten for a bit longer than your average cat stays that size, then you may be looking for one of these smallest cat breeds. They’re sure to always give you that lovely feeling of caring for a delicate, little kitty.