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Best Litter Box for Messy Cats

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The litter box is already a dirty setting, for more reasons than one. And when the litter box is made even messier by a rowdy or sloppy cat, the situation is far from pleasant. If you can sympathize, you’re probably wondering: What’s the best litter box for messy cats? Learn about the must-have features on a litter box—and why Litter-Robot is the best choice for messy kitties.

Does your messy feline need an upgrade? 

Tired of stepping into a room with litter strewn everywhere? You may have an aging cat that is in need of a more accessible litter box, or added a feline to your pet household and seen an increase in mess. Or it could be that you’re just too busy to change the litter all the time! No matter what your situation is, the time to upgrade your litter box system is now.

6 must-have litter box features 

In general, the best litter box for messy cats is enclosed, self-cleaning while being easy to clean, and able to accommodate accessories that help further reduce the mess. Keep reading to learn what other features come in handy!

1. Covered or enclosed

Some cats like to fling litter around when they’re digging for a spot to do their business. Other cats feel the need to pee on the edge or sides of the litter box. Either way, a partially enclosed or covered litter box helps keep the mess contained. 

2. Self-cleaning

Sometimes a big mess presents a vicious cycle: As cats are generally fastidious, even the messy ones may refuse to use a litter box that is in dirty disarray. In a multi-cat household, territorial cats may refuse to use the litter box by holding it in (leading to a host of potential health problems) or even “using” your heirloom rug out of spite. Most pet parents aren’t sitting around to clean their cats’ litter boxes after every single use. With a self-cleaning litter box, scooping is no longer an issue.

3. Easy to clean

A technologically advanced pet appliance like a self-cleaning litter box is all well and good until you can’t give it an old-fashioned scrubbing. You’ll want a litter box that is designed not only with the cat in mind, but also designed to give the cat parent the best experience.

4. Stop litter tracking with accessories

For the really messy cat, the litter box sometimes needs a little help from its friends—also known as litter box accessories. Such applicably designed accessories might include a ramp or a fence. But for the most effective line of defense against those pesky bits of litter that make it out of even the best litter box, you’ll want a nonslip litter mat. If you have a higher budget, you might consider buying litter box furniture that keeps both the litter box and its mess fully contained (and out of sight)!

5. Clay-clumping cat litter

A high-quality, clay-clumping cat litter is not only the type of litter that most cats prefer to use, it also helps reduce litter tracking out of the box due to its quick-clumping abilities and tight-packing granules.

6. In-home trial and warranty

If you’re going to invest in a superior litter box system, you’ll want to feel confident about the purchase. That means knowing you’ll have the option to return if it doesn’t work out with an in-home trial. And in the likely scenario that the new litter box is a success in your pet household, you should have a warranty in place for any potential repairs. 

best litter box for messy cats and litter box accessories

Say bye-bye to the mess with Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot checks all the boxes for really messy cats: This highest-rated automatic litter box for cats is partially enclosed, self-cleaning, and has a number of optional accessories to help further reduce a messy litter situation.

Best for 

Litter-Robot is ideal for pet households with messy cats, multiple cats, and anyone who hates scooping. (Who doesn’t?) After your cat does their business in the partially enclosed globe, Litter-Robot counts down before performing an automatic clean cycle. The patented sifting process removes your cat’s waste, depositing the clumps into a drawer below.

Special features

As the best litter box for cats with messy habits, Litter-Robot is also easy to clean. The system of base, globe, bonnet, drawer, and bezel (in the case of Litter-Robot 4) was constructed with easy upkeep in mind. Whether it’s spot-cleaning or deep-cleaning, the simple modular design allows you to readily access and service your automatic litter box.

Furthermore, there are a number of Litter-Robot accessories that can help reduce or even eliminate mess.

Litter Mat and Litter Trap™ Mat

Catch the litter tracked from your cat’s paws with a mesh litter mat, or go heavy-duty with a Litter Trap™ Mat.

Clumping cat litter 

Our premium clumping cat litter has one all-natural ingredient, sodium bentonite clay, which clumps quickly. The uniform granules pack together efficiently and hold tight, helping reduce litter tracked out of the box. 

Hidden litter box furniture

Not only can you hide the litter box behind a stylish piece of modern furniture, you can reduce litter tracking out of the box by keeping it, well, contained. Check out the Coastal Credenza and Storage Cabinet. (Both are available as Litter-Robot bundles, as well.)


The Litter-Robot Fence snaps on to the entrance of Litter-Robot and acts as a barrier to contain kicked-up litter. The fence comes standard on Litter-Robot 4 and can be purchased for Litter-Robot 3.


The Litter-Robot 3 Ramp and Litter-Robot 4 Ramp provide a gentle walkway for your cat to enter and exit Litter-Robot, with its textured surface helping to reduce litter tracking. 


When it’s time to clean the litter box (or the surrounding area), go all-natural with an enzymatic cleaner by Whisker. This cleaner, which comes as a spray or as wipes, digests and eliminates organic material, stains, and odors. 


Litter-Robot isn’t only useful if you have a messy cat. There are other benefits to this WiFi-enabled, self-cleaning litter box. You can use the app to get notifications whenever the waste drawer is full, ensuring your cat won’t go long without a clean bed of litter. This is especially handy in homes with multiple cats that may be territorial about the litter box. You can also monitor your cat’s litter box habits through the app.

Finally, say your cat is messy and stinky—Litter-Robot can help with that, too! Because the waste is quickly sifted into a sealed drawer below the unit, litter box odors in your home can be greatly reduced—or even eliminated if using OdorTrap™.

Beat the mess with Litter-Robot 

Don’t despair at your litter situation: Litter-Robot is the best litter box for messy cats. With its 90-day in-home trial and 1-year warranty, you can feel confident trying out Litter-Robot. 

How do I keep my cat from getting litter everywhere?

A partially enclosed self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot keeps litter, waste, and odor under control. Litter box accessories like a litter mat or Litter Trap™ Mat will also help reduce litter tracking everywhere.

What is the best cat litter that doesn't stick to cats’ feet?

By sun-drying the clay, preserving its soft texture, then screening it for ideal particle size, our premium clumping cat litter helps eliminate that nasty cloud of dust normally associated with filling the litter box and sticking to cats’ paws. This all-natural cat litter is harvested in the USA.


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