Feeder-Robot Starter Bundle

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Ensure your pets never miss a meal while supporting healthy eating habits with this email-exclusive bundle.
  • 90-Day In-Home Trial
  • Free Shipping (ex. AK/HI/PR)
Bundle also includes:
Feeder-Robot Glass Bowl Feeder-Robot Glass Bowl
Cleaner Wipes Cleaner Wipes
WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty for Feeder-Robot WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty for Feeder-Robot

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Feeder-Robot Starter Bundle
Feeder-Robot Starter Bundle

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    Get the Feeder-Robot Starter Bundle, which comes complete with our top-rated WiFi-enabled, automatic pet feeder as well as accessory upgrades and a hassle-free 3-year protection plan! Purchase includes a 90-day in-home trial and free shipping (excl. AK, HI, PR).

    • Feeder-Robot automatic pet feeder
    • Glass food bowl
    • Pet-safe cleaner wipes
    • WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty


    Litter-Robot 3 Connect side tech specs
    Litter-Robot 3 Connect front tech specs
    • Size: 15"H x 12.5"D x 13"W
    • Footprint: 9”W x 11.25”D
    • Capacity: Up to 32 cups of dry food
    • Included: 1 Plastic bowl


    • Is the glass bowl dishwasher-safe?

      Yes, the glass bowl is dishwasher-safe.
    • What are the cleaner wipes ingredients?

      Safe, all-natural ingredients include water, high-count good bacteria (naturally occurring within our own digestive system), and amino acidic enzymes known as amylase, lipase, and protease (all of which are naturally occurring within our bodies).
    • How do you use the cleaner wipes?

      Simply follow these directions: 1. Apply one wipe directly onto the Feeder-Robot. 2. Wipe removable and/or non-removable parts that touch pet food. 3. Avoid wiping wires and electronic components in the base. 4. Let all parts air dry completely before reassembling the Feeder-Robot.
    • How much food does the Feeder-Robot hold and dispense? 

      Without the hopper insert, Feeder-Robot holds up to 32 cups of dry kibble. With the hopper insert, it holds up to 25 cups of dry kibble. With the pre-installed dispenser, Feeder-Robot dispenses up to 1/2 cup of pet food in 1/8-cup increments, 1 to 8 times per day.
    • What type of food can the Feeder-Robot dispense?

      You can use any dry or semi-moist cat or dog kibble.
    • What if the Feeder-Robot goes offline? Will it still feed my pet?

      Yes. If you use the Whisker app to set your pet's feeding schedule, you can rest assured that your pet will still be fed should the unit go offline. The Feeder-Robot saves the feeding schedule locally on the unit. Whether the unit is connected to the network or offline, once it has a schedule programmed to it via the control panel keypad or downloaded to it from the app, the Feeder-Robot will continue to feed on that specific schedule until it is updated. If the Status Indicator Tower light is blue, then the unit is running a programmed schedule.
    • Is a backup battery included?

      The Feeder-Robot 12V Backup Battery is not included, but sold separately. If you purchase the Feeder-Robot Backup Battery, you will need to install the battery using the guide provided on our website.
    • How do I introduce my pet to the Feeder-Robot?

      Place the Feeder-Robot in the same location as the current food bowl(s), set it up, and make sure it is not scheduled to feed yet. Give your pet a day or two to explore the Feeder-Robot. Add a small handful of your pet’s food to the bowl to provide a familiar meal for your pet. Place treats in the feeding bowl or around the Feeder-Robot so your pet associates rewards with the unit. Once you notice that your pet has eaten from the Feeder-Robot, press the Feed button while your pet is in the room with you so they can observe the food dispensing and become familiar with the sound of the Feeder-Robot while you are there to reassure them. The Feeder-Robot is not loud, but the dispenser will make slight noise during the dispensing process. For more tips, refer to the instruction manual.
    • Should I schedule my pet's meals or use gravity mode?

      Deciding how to use the Feeder-Robot depends on your pet’s eating habits. If your pet has a habit of overeating or eating very quickly, you may wish to schedule their meals. By scheduling the feeding time, your pet will be eating a measured meal portion, one to four times a day. If your pet has no issue with overeating and tends to “graze” throughout the day, you may wish to use gravity mode. In gravity mode, the Feeder-Robot bowl remains full based on a check every 6 hours.
    • Can I use the app with both iOS and Android?

      The Whisker app is compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 13.0 or greater and Android devices 8.0 or greater. Both the iOS app and the Android app are available to download.
    • Will the robot connect to my WiFi network?

      Our robots require a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal and IPv4 addressing (5 GHz band and IPv6 are not supported). Our robots are unable to connect to shared networks (apartment complexes, college dorms, etc.).
    • How do I clean the Feeder-Robot?

      Use cleaner wipes on removable parts (or hand wash with mild soap); let completely air dry before re-assembling the Feeder-Robot. Wipe down non-removable parts that touch pet food or use the included cleaning brush. Do NOT submerge the Feeder-Robot base or control panel in water. We recommend that you clean the Feeder-Robot before its first use, and at least once a month after that. The best time to clean is when the hopper and feeding bowl are already empty.
    • What is the WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty?

      WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty is a comprehensive protection plan that covers your Feeder-Robot from top to bottom for 3 years. Our hassle-free plan covers accidental damage, power surges, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, and software support. You’ll have access to our dedicated US-based customer experience and software experts. During your warranty period, we will resolve Feeder-Robot issues at no charge, including free shipping both ways. There are never deductibles or hidden fees. 

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    • General Disclaimer

      Contents of cleaner wipes are all natural; packaging may not be. Packaging may vary. Product labels may contain more and/or different information from the product information listed on the website. You should always read labels, warnings, directions, and other information provided with the product before using or allowing your pet to consume a product. Any applications other than those described on the product label are not approved or endorsed by Whisker. Whisker is not responsible for accidents, illnesses, or injuries that occur from use of these products.
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    The smart way to feed

    This email-exclusive bundle includes Feeder-Robot—the automatic pet feeder that serves portion-controlled meals from the app or unit—along with a glass food bowl for a superior feeding experience (plastic bowl comes standard), pet-friendly wipes for easy cleaning, and comprehensive coverage with our WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty.

    The smart way to feed

    Never miss a feeding

    The Feeder-Robot features anti-jam technology to prevent missed meals. Even if the unit goes offline, your pet’s feeding schedule is saved and will continue to dispense. With hopper-level indication in the app and on the unit, you’ll know when it’s time to refill.

    Never miss a feeding

    Convenient and pet-friendly

    The Feeder-Robot holds up to 32 cups of food, which is kept fresh by an auto-locking hopper and tamper-resistant lid. With removable parts, it’s easy to clean. And BPA-free plastics and a chew-resistant power cord make this a pet-friendly appliance.

    Convenient and pet-friendly

    Insights into your pet’s health

    The app gives you more customizable programming options for multiple feeding schedules. Compare weekly and monthly feeding stats to learn what’s normal for your pet, as well as identify when something might be wrong.

    Insights into your pet’s health

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