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Litter-Robot 3 Troubleshooting: What Do The Lights Mean?

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Litter-Robot 3—the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box—is a machine of wonders that allows cat parents to never have to scoop cat litter again. But like any appliance, there may be times when Litter-Robot troubleshooting is required. Have you ever wondered what the control panel lights mean, such as the flashing blue light? Check out our handy light troubleshooting guide below!

Litter-Robot 4 user?

Visit our support guide on troubleshooting Litter-Robot 4 lights.

Litter-Robot 3 lights: Quick reference guide

If you’re looking for a quick reference guide on all the Litter-Robot 3 lights, download the digital guide here or click on the image below.

Litter-Robot lights chart

Litter-Robot 3 flashing blue light

f notice a flashing or blinking blue light on your Litter-Robot 3 control panel, this is the Drawer Full Indicator, which means that the waste drawer is full (or approaching full) and needs to be emptied. After you have emptied the drawer and installed a new liner, hit the Reset button on the control panel—the light should return to solid blue, indicating the unit is ready for use. If you have a Connect unit, you will have to hit the Reset button in the Whisker app.

Note: Sometimes the waste will pile up on one side of the waste drawer and activate the Drawer Full Indicator even when the drawer is not very full. In this case, you may need to shake the drawer to level out of the waste, then hit the Reset button on the control panel. 

Litter-Robot 3 flashing yellow light

A solid yellow light on your Litter-Robot 3 control panel indicates that the unit is cycling or paused, and requires no action from you. However, a Litter-Robot flashing yellow light could mean one of two things.

Flashing yellow slowly

Flashing slowly (about once per second) means the Litter-Robot clean cycle was interrupted.

  • Your cat may have tried to enter the unit as it was cycling, and was detected by the built-in cat sensor; this caused the unit to pause its cycling. It will resume cycling 15 seconds after the cat leaves the globe.
  • A slowly flashing yellow light may also mean that the bonnet is removed or disconnected. Check that the bonnet tabs at the side and rear are secured to the base. The unit will resume cycling 5 seconds after the bonnet is replaced.
  • Last but not least, check for excess weight, such as too much litter or waste. Litter should not surpass the raised fill line on the black rubber liner inside the globe. Then hit the Reset button to reset the cat sensor.

Check out our dedicated Litter-Robot 3 yellow light flashing slowly guide. 

Flashing yellow quickly

Flashing quickly (about four times per second) means the anti-pinch safety feature detected a pinch condition. In this case, you will need to turn the Litter-Robot off and check the waste port in the base to remove any obstruction. Then turn the unit back on and hit the Reset button. Check out our Litter-Robot 3 flashing yellow light flashing quickly guide.

Solid yellow light

If your Litter-Robot 3 is displaying a solid yellow light with no movement of the globe, it might be due to incorrect globe positioning or an issue with the motor gears. Learn more in our dedicated article about Litter-Robot 3 solid yellow light.

Litter-Robot 3 flashing red light

Solid red light

A solid red light on your Litter-Robot 3 control panel means that the cat sensor was activated by your cat entering the globe while the unit was ready for use. The unit is counting down to a clean cycle, depending on your set wait time (3, 7, or 15 minutes).

Flashing red light

A flashing red light indicates that the cat sensor has been activated continuously for 2 minutes or more by either too much weight in the unit or your cat not leaving the unit. Make sure your cat has left the unit, then check for excess weight, such as too much litter or waste. Litter should not surpass the raised fill line on the black rubber liner inside the globe. Then hit the Reset button to reset the cat sensor. Check out our Litter-Robot 3 red light flashing troubleshooting guide.

Some litters are heavier than others. Depending on the litter you're using, you can remove some litter to be a little below the raised fill line. Then press the Reset button. This will often resolve an issue of too much weight in the globe.

Litter-Robot 3 blue and yellow lights on

If both the blue and yellow lights are illuminated on your Litter-Robot 3, it means that the unit is in 8-hour sleep mode. (The unit will not cycle automatically during those 8 hours.) If you’d like to deactivate sleep mode, press and hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds. Have a Connect? You can also turn 8-hour sleep mode off or on in the Whisker app.

Litter-Robot 3 lights flashing sequentially

If your Litter-Robot 3 troubleshooting is more complex than the scenarios described above, you’ll likely notice lights flashing sequentially:

If this Litter-Robot troubleshooting guide did not help you, please feel free to contact Whisker Support

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