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Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

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According to a 2017-2018 study from the AVMA, the average number of cats owned per household is 1.8. Which is to say, nearly a majority of cat parents have more than one cat! When it comes to the litter box, however, having multiple cats in the house sometimes leads to multiple problems. So, what is the best litter box for multiple cats?

Litter box problems in a multi-cat household

Some cats are more territorial than others. Adult males that are not neutered tend to be most territorial. Usually in a multi-cat household there is a dominant, “higher-ranking” cat that is more likely to show aggression toward the submissive, “lower-ranking” cats. 

One of the top offenders of territorial cats in a multi-cat household? Shared traditional litter boxes.

Cats in general are fastidious creatures that don’t want to use a dirty litter box. And territorial cats in particular are more likely to have “accidents” (read: there’s nothing accidental about it) if they smell another cat’s waste recently left in the litter box. Even worse—your cat may choose to only urinate once a day instead of 2-3x/day; when this happens, their urine becomes very concentrated, and with it, red blood cells, mucous plugs, or even crystals can become more concentrated. This can potentially result in signs of either feline idiopathic cystitis or a life-threatening feline urinary obstruction

That’s why if you use traditional litter boxes, you want to make sure you have one more litter box than you do cats in the house. Furthermore, you should scoop those litter boxes every day.

The best litter box for multiple cats provides an always-clean bed of litter

Even the most attentive pet parents can’t be present around the clock to clean the litter box between visits by multiple cats. That’s why you need a multi-cat litter box that provides just that: a clean bed of litter every time.

One surefire way to achieve an always-clean bed of litter is with an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. A self-cleaning litter box ensures a clean bed of litter because it cleans the waste within minutes of a cat using it. This is a huge advantage for a house with multiple kitties and busy cat parents!

Litter-Robot is the multi-cat litter box you deserve

family playing with cat while another cat uses Litter-Robot 4

So, what’s the best litter box for multiple cats? Litter-Robot is automatic, self-cleaning, and suited for up to four cats—which makes it perfect for multi-cat households!

No more scooping

Scooping for one cat is a chore. Scooping for multiple cats is a nightmare. Litter-Robot uses a patented sifting process that begins just minutes after your cat exits the unit. Rather than being a stinky issue for the next cat that uses the litter box, your cat’s waste is deposited into a carbon-filtered drawer below the unit. It’s easy to manage—just empty the waste drawer when indicated.

So, having multiple cats no longer equates to needing multiple litter boxes! One Litter-Robot is perfectly suited for up to four cats, and a consistently clean bed of litter is great for even the most territorial felines. 

Superior odor control

Still not convinced Litter-Robot is the best multi-cat litter box? Anyone with more than one cat has to deal with a lot of cat odors. Litter-Robot helps with odor control because it’s automatic, partially enclosed, and contains odor-absorbing components like carbon filters.

Litter-Robot 4 features an optional OdorTrap™ System designed to neutralize litter box odors. This system uses the combination of a sealed waste drawer and carbon filter to reduce odor. You can opt to replace the carbon filter with OdorTrap™ Packs to eliminate litter box odors through natural chemistry.

Get ready for a happier multi-cat household!

Keeping your home clean with multiple cats

Cats spend up to 50% of their waking hours cleaning themselves, although their cleanliness is only skin deep. They can’t clean their waste (wouldn’t that be neat?), leaving your home exposed to bacteria and odors.

Keeping your cats healthy and happy is vital. But you also deserve to have a clean, fresh-smelling home that is welcoming to everyone who comes to visit. Utilizing Litter-Robot can help keep your home cleaner and less likely to smell of pet odors.

Pet and family health

The health and well-being of your family and your pets is paramount. Cat waste doesn’t just smell unpleasant, it can also release bacteria into the air. Pet parents with multiple cats tend to (and should) have multiple litter boxes to avoid territorial issues. Because Litter-Robot is suited for up to four cats, you will no longer need to have multiple litter boxes, thus leading to a fresher home.

When you stay on top of cleaning and dusting, you can improve the health of your pets and your family. Carpets gather fur and dirt, and can retain unwelcome odors. Dust can build up on surfaces. Your felines will be inhaling and licking the dirt and dust, which can lead to health complications. Keeping your home clean can take a little extra work with multiple cats, but creating a routine will help you keep everyone happy and healthy.

Using pet-safe cleaners and techniques

Accidents happen. If a mess is made it is best to clean it up immediately. Using enzyme-based odor neutralizers like Whisker’s all-natural Cleaner Spray and Cleaner Wipes will help resolve any feline odors and remove the stain—leaving no evidence of the accident.

Around the rest of your home, you might be utilizing cleaners that contain ingredients that are toxic to your cats. Be careful when using the following: bleach, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, chemicals that have the word “phenol”, glycol ethers, and formaldehyde. Instead, look for cleaners labeled “all-natural,” “plant-based,” or “pet-safe.”

Smart cleaning can be a challenge when you are a pet parent. When you need to disinfect your home, keep your pets out of the room that you are cleaning and do not leave the cleaner unattended. Cats are particularly vulnerable from floor and carpet cleaners. Their bodies are small and since they constantly clean their fur, they could possibly ingest toxins.

Automating your litter box schedule

Using Litter-Robot, multi-cat homes will no longer need to worry about constantly clearing the litter box—the unit does it for you. Because you might have two cats, four cats, or even more, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for how often you should empty your waste drawer. 

The good news is, Litter-Robot will notify you via the Whisker app or the control panel when the waste drawer is full. And you can check current waste drawer levels in the app at any time.

How to acclimate multiple cats to an automatic litter box

There are a few steps that you can take to acclimate multiple cats to your automatic litter box. Let’s review the steps you need to take.

multiple cats with self-cleaning litter box, Litter-Robot 4

Step 1: Introduce Litter-Robot

After your litter box is set up, it’s time to help your cats become comfortable with the change. Don’t remove their old litter box right away: For the first week we recommend that you give your cats the option to choose which box to use. (Note: Kittens must weigh at least 3 pounds before they can use Litter-Robot 4 in automatic mode, or at least 5 pounds before they can use Litter-Robot 3 in automatic mode.) 

Keep the unit in the same location as the old litter box. This will help keep your cats’ experience as similar as possible.

Step 2: Utilize the same litter, if possible

Having multiple cats in your home means dealing with multiple personalities. Bubbly kittens might not be phased by the new litter box, but adult cats can have strong opinions about their litter box.

By keeping the automatic litter box in the same location with the same litter, your cats will have less stress about their new bathroom solution! However, if you were using strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose-clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based litter before, you will need to switch to a clumping cat litter for Litter-Robot.

Step 3: Do not turn the power on right away

The motor noise or motion might initially startle your cats. (Luckily Litter-Robot 4 features whisper-quiet self-cleaning cycles!) If your cats are sensitive, keep the power turned off until they are comfortable using the unit. 

After they are comfortable, switch the unit on. Be sure to supervise your cats after you have switched the unit on to ensure they are still utilizing their new facilities.

Step 4: Incentivize use in the new unit

Utilizing catnip, treats, and praise are great ways to transition your cats to their new Litter-Robot.

Litter-Robot is the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats

Felines make great pets and companions but will need you to take the lead on their bathroom cleanup. Scooping kitty litter is the not-so-glamorous side of pet ownership, especially when you have multiple cats under your roof.

With the use of Litter-Robot, you will no longer need to have multiple litter boxes for your multiple cats. The consistently clean litter will fend off any territorial problems. It provides a no-scoop, mess-free experience to save you time and help keep your home smelling fresh.

Check out why Litter-Robot is the top-rated self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats with these real customer reviews:

“As anyone who has multiple cats knows, keeping conventional litter boxes clean (and clean enough to keep the kitties happy!) is a daunting task. The Litter-Robot has made it such a breeze, freeing up time that I can now use for extra play time with them! The cats also love watching it cycle, so it has provided the extra bonus of entertainment for them. It has also eliminated unwanted litter box odors throughout the house; guests have even commented it is hard to tell we have multiple cats! Overall, I highly recommend the Litter-Robot.” - Rachel H.

“Best purchase for our home! Has changed the way we live... no cat odor or litter crumbs strewn throughout the house anymore, and the cats love have a fresh box every time. In fact they used to fight over who used it first after being scooped, now every time is the first time!!” - Alicia B.

“We had enough of not only cleaning the pans but also the area around the pans. Have 4 cats, two male and two female and had to have three pans. We got the Litter-Robot to deal with the mess with hopes of getting rid of all three pans. Well it took about a month but all four cats are now using the Litter-Robot. Now the floor stays clean, no odors and we only empty one box once a week! We also went from 30 pounds of litter per month to 10 pounds per month. Wish we had bought one a lot sooner!” - Dennis

Russian Blue cat inside beige Litter-Robot 3 and white cat on the floor looking up - best litter box for multiple cats