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Munchkin Cat Personality: How Do Munchkin Cats Act?

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With their stubby little legs and adorable expressive faces, Munchkin cats are a breed that you’ll immediately recognize. They are lovingly referred to as “Sausage Cats” and stand out because their shortened legs resemble the Dachshund or Corgi. 

Though small, these little cats are mighty. They don’t behave differently from an average-sized cat and hold the same amount of attitude as any other lively kitty. 

Munchkin cats are extremely outgoing and active, which means they require a good amount of attention. They don’t realize that they are smaller than most cats or act out because of their height (or lack thereof). Instead, they find new ways to lovingly wreak havoc and entertain their families. 

Let’s discuss this big personality in a tiny (and delightful) body. 

Overview of the Munchkin cat

white Munchkin cat

The main difference between a Munchkin cat and any other domesticated cat is the fact that the Munchkin’s legs are 3 inches shorter. They’re a lot lower to the ground, giving them the illusion of a forever-kitten. 

Their legs are much shorter due to a naturally occurring mutation that could technically arise in any cat. It’s just that the Munchkin cat breed has specifically been bred to express this mutation. 

This cat is considered a small breed and usually only weigh 4 to 9 pounds. They can be long by comparison, sometimes up to 18 inches in length, and use their slinky bodies to run around and take corners sharply. They love to play and stay active on their own. 

The Munchkin cat can come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, so every kitten you see will likely look unique. Their eyes also range in color, so you may never see two Munchkin cats that look the same.

The personality of a Munchkin 

orange and white Munchkin kitten

If you’re looking for an outgoing, clever, funny, and active kitty, let us introduce you to the Munchkin cat. They are all of these things and more, packed into a fun-sized body.

Not only will everyone you introduce to your Munchkin be obsessed with their size, but they will be drawn to their personalities. Just because these kitties are small does not mean they aren’t fearless!


The Munchkin breed is a very active and spunky cat. They love to play and can find ways to entertain themselves, but prefer to have their humans involved. They will gladly bat some loose strings or chase around a toy mouse, as long as you’re at the other end of the toy.

They have a lot of energy to burn and benefit from having an animal friend in the house. The Munchkin cat gets along famously with other cats and dogs. Once they realize they have a friend in the house, they will be nudging them to play and run around all day.

Intelligent tricksters

Due to all the energy built up inside their tiny bodies, the Munchkin cat is regarded as a little trickster. They will find your shiny objects and steal them, hiding them as their own little game—which to them, it definitely is. 

They are very clever and come up with these games all by themselves. You may or may not know that you are part of their games, but they are definitely involving you in one way or another. If you don’t want your knick-knacks stolen, you will have to keep things tidy and neat. Trust us, the Munchkin cat is always getting into trouble. 

By keeping plenty of cat toys and enrichment items around, your cat will find ways to stay occupied. Hopefully, you can catch a break and find out where your car keys are hidden before you have to leave for work in the morning. 


The Munchkin cat is a social butterfly. They love to be around people, getting pets and attention from anyone willing to give it. They might be a little shy at first, but they are quick to open up to strangers once they realize they will be getting love.

This cat will follow you from room to room, probably zipping between your legs as you walk, bouncing around like playful kittens. They enjoy watching you and being as involved as possible. If you can’t engage with them, they will want to play with their toys in the same space as you.  

Munchkin cats do great with small children as long as they feel comfortable and are respected.


The Munchkin breed loves to be pet and loved on. They will happily climb onto your lap to get cuddles and scratches. You might feel them rubbing against your legs as you do the dishes or kneading on your blankets in the morning. They prefer to be around their humans whenever they can!

History of the Munchkin

long-haired Munchkin cat

The Munchkin breed is a result of a natural mutation that was then bred to become the dominant gene. Any breed of cat can produce a kitten with this mutation, but it was discovered early on that mating two Munchkin cats together results in a lethal gene that will not create a viable fetus. 

In order to prolong the Munchkin breed, a Munchkin cat must be bred with a regular domestic cat. The resulting litter has a 50% chance of having the mutation present. This means you can potentially have any breed of Munchkin cat, from Siamese to American Shorthair to Persian

The first of this breed was given the name “Munchkin” as an homage to the “The Wizard of Oz.” Now people see Munchkin cats and are obsessed with their tiny frames. Although they are a breed sought after for their looks, everyone falls in love with their sparkling personalities. 

Possible health-related issues

Due to their short legs being a result of a mutation, scientists are still actively monitoring any health issues that may arise in this breed. While Munchkin cats typically live a long and healthy life, there is still more to be known about how this gene could impact other health-related issues. 

Munchkin cats aren’t very different from other breeds, and they are still prone to common medical conditions. Your Munchkin cat could develop hyperthyroidism, a hormonal imbalance that affects weight and other bodily functions. By taking your cat to the veterinarian regularly, you can monitor their health. 

Will you be a good cat match?

orange Munchkin cat lying on side

Before you adopt a cat, you should consider what your needs are. Do you want a cat that will be extremely cuddly and affectionate towards you? Are you too busy to provide constant stimulation, instead preferring an independent cat? How many pets are you willing to have to give them the best life? 

Not everyone will have stipulations that need to be met in order to adopt a cat, but some will want to find a cat that matches their personality. This makes sense, as the two of you will be spending every day together for years and years. If you are compatible with your pet, you will form a bond like no other! 

Cater to the cute

A Munchkin cat will bring laughter and energy into your life without missing a beat. They are rambunctious and loving felines that want to spend time with you, so you must be able to give them the attention they need.

You will need to groom your Munchkin to keep their coat nice and healthy, take them to regular veterinary appointments, provide nutritious meals in healthy portions, and play with them throughout the day. 

They are low to the ground, which makes a clean litter box especially important. You don’t want your Munchkin dragging around their business because their litter box was too dirty. Instead, you can use a self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot to ensure they always have a clean place to go.

Providing your Munchkin with love will result in their total devotion. You are your cat’s world, and they want to spend time with you. If you are looking for a faithful companion, the Munchkin cat is one to seriously consider adopting.


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