The summer's just starting to come full-swing and man is it hot! While you're jumping in pools, eating ice cream and slinging back Slurpees to cool off, your kitty is stuck with boring water. Here's a couple of easy and delicious treats to help kitty beat the heat!

Check with your vet before trying any of these recipes.

Frozen Tuna Snacks
Simply place small mounds of tuna on waxed or parchment paper and place in the freezer. This will give kitty one of her favorite snacks with an icy twist.

Get the full recipe here.

Cat Ice Cream
Natural lactose-free ice creams are great for kitty.  Natural frozen yogurt also works well and is great for your cat's digestion! Make sure these items are all natural or have been approved by your vet, natural ice creams and frozen yogurts have no added sugars, which could make kitty sick.

The easiest: ICE!
Cats love ice. It's good to keep them hydrated, keep their paws cool and entertain them all the while! Make it even better by placing a couple pieces of food in the bottom of the tray, so they have something to dig for. Or make cool shapes! We think dog shapes would be hilarious!

Frozen Cat Food
Turn your cat's favorite wet food into a cat Popsicle! Simply empty the contents of your cat food can into a plastic dish lined with wax paper and freeze. Now kitty can cool off just like us!

Have any ideas for feline treats? Let us know!



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