15 Movies To Watch With Your Cat Right Meow
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15 Movies To Watch With Your Cat Right Meow

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On those nights when nothing sounds better than curling up on the couch with your cat and watching a flick, you may have a difficult time finding one that holds kitty’s interest as much as your own. For the self-obsessed feline, these are 15 movies to watch with your cat right meow. Each feature one or more cats in a purrfect pivotal role.

Kedi (2017)

This award-winning Turkish documentary chronicles the ancient city of Istanbul through the eyes of its plentiful cat inhabitants. You’ll be delighted by the distinct personality of each spotlighted cat, as well as Istanbul citizens' willingness to care for and love them.

Good for: Stunning cinematography and emotional connections to the feline spirit.

Skip if: You don’t feel like reading subtitles tonight.


Keanu (2016)

This action-packed comedy proves that adult humor and kittens make a surprisingly spectacular combination. Whether or not you’re a Key and Peele fan, you’ll have fun watching the pair’s attempt to rescue a drug kingpin’s pet kitten.

Good for: Laughs, outrageous hijinks, and squeeing over an adorable tabby kitten.

Skip if: Your cat (or a fellow movie-viewer) is too impressionable to hear foul language or see drug usage.


Nine Lives (2016)

This feel-good family film sees a neglectful billionaire and the new family cat inexplicably swap bodies, all to learn a powerful lesson about valuing what’s really important in life.

Good for: The warm fuzzies.

Skip if: You’re looking for something unpredictable.


Puss in Boots (2011)

We first met the big-eyed Puss in Boots in a Shrek sequel—and we couldn’t have been more excited when the swashbuckling orange kitty got his own spinoff! This animated adventure follows the outlaw cat and friends in his pre-Shrek days.

Good for: A cast of colorful fairytale characters.  

Skip if: You’re afraid of a little sensory overload.


Meet the Parents (2000)

The infamous Mr. Jinx cat is only a side character in this Ben Stiller comedy, but he leaves a lasting impression for good reason: He’s smart enough to know how to use a human toilet, but brazen enough to do his business in the ashes of a broken urn.

Good for: An honest, hilarious family dynamic.

Skip if: You’re worried Mr. Jinx will have a negative influence on your cat.


Men in Black (1997)

The first Men in Black movie proves that cats have a place in sci-fi, too! Orion the cat literally holds the key to the galaxy on the collar around his neck. (Know any self-important felines who think they do, too?)

Good for: Fast-paced alien fun with a few cute animals thrown in.

Skip if: You’re queasy to alien birth scenes.



Hocus Pocus (1993)

This family-friendly Halloween classic features a talking black cat named Binx who saves the day more than once. Binx is anything but loyal to the witches who cursed him, a delightful trio led by Bette Midler.

Good for: Festive characters and ghoulish fun no matter the season.

Skip if: Your cat gets upset seeing one of his own (temporarily) perish.



Homeward Bound & The Incredible Journey (1993 and 1963)

Both versions of this film are touching adventures. Homeward Bound follows two dogs and one cat, a “Sassy” Himalayan, who brave the wild together to return home to their family; and The Incredible Journey features the same trio without speaking parts.

Good for: Gasps, laughs, and (good) tears.

Skip if: You have a hard time seeing animals in mortal danger.


Batman Returns (1992)

This Batman sequel may be the best representation of Catwoman on the big screen (fight us on that, if you must!). Selina Kyle is the ultimate butt-kicking cat lady, and seductive to boot. Me-ow!

Good for: Dark, violent, and mesmerizing superheroes come to life.

Skip if: You find Danny Devito’s Penguin disturbing to the point of distraction.  



Pet Sematary (1989)

For animal lovers who are also horror fans (and who don’t necessarily want animals to be the horror, à la another famous Stephen King story), this film about a mysterious cemetery that reanimates the dead is for you.

Good for: Emotional thrills and chills.

Skip if: The concept makes you squeamish.


The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)

This live-action, narrated adventure chronicles the adorable friendship between orange kitty Milo and pug Otis and their long journey to find each other after being separated. Immerse yourself in a world completely without people and hold on for dear life.

Good for: Amazing animal footage and wide-ranging cinematography.

Skip if: You need verbal dialogue to get through a movie.


The Aristocats (1970)

This Disney classic features cats galore as we follow a Parisian mama cat and her three kittens after they are kidnapped and eventually aided by a crafty tomcat.

Good for: Classic Disney magic, music, and mirth.

Skip if: You’ve evolved past old-school cartoons. (We feel very sad for you.)



Cat People (1942)

Arguably the oddest cat movie on the list, this fantasy-horror film tells the story of an American man who marries a Serbian immigrant who fears her homeland’s ancient curse will arise if they are intimate together—transforming her into a giant cat!

Good for: Hitchcock-esque melodrama and intrigue.

Skip if: You find 1940s acting hard to swallow.


Honorary Mention: Super Troopers (2001)

Okay, so this movie doesn’t actually have cats in it. But how could we not pay tribute to the film that effectively paved the way for everyday usage of the phrase “right meow”? That would be an insult of epic purr-portions!



What are your favorite movies to watch with your cat?



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