The Litter-Robot is the best cat equipment purchase I have ever made. My three cats adjusted to it much quicker than I ever hoped. I tried another automatic litter system and my cats preferred the floor to the unit. Even my scaredy-cat uses it with no problem.

My husband is has ALS so all of our household duties are mine. While I love taking care of my husband, I needed something to save me time. After many hours of research, I purchased the Litter-Robot. Best decision for me and my cats ever. They are now so used to using clean litter that if it’s not clean when they jump in they find a clean spot to use. So spoiled. All of us!
And, any guests that come by can’t believe we are a three-cat family. No odor! And, the Litter-Robot is a good conversation piece.

Having three cats (one very large), I do have to change the bag every other day. I would be overjoyed to win an additional unit from the Pro Users Group!

I can’t say enough good things about the Litter-Robot. It has saved me many precious minutes.