Biggest Cat Breeds
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Biggest Cat Breeds

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If you’re looking for a terrifically enormous cat to cuddle up with, then you should take a gander at these impressive felines. These breeds are at the top of every Biggest Cat Breeds list, and for good reason. Besides just being quite large, Pet Care RX informs us that they’ve also been bred to display certain specific characteristics, both in personality (e.g., companionship, loyalty, etc.) and in physicality (e.g., stunning coats, facial features, etc.). Have a look and see which one you may like best!

Maine Coon

Also referred to as the American Longhair, this breed (not surprisingly) hails from the great state of Maine. With males being known to grow to 25 pounds, this breed is commonly considered the largest breed of housecat, and it is also one of the oldest. The Maine Coon is known for its lush, full coat, its calm and loving nature, and its impressive intelligence, all of which serve to make it a very popular choice for a housecat.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Again, as their name would suggest, the Norwegian Forest Cat comes from the Scandinavian country of Norway. Some say that the Vikings originally brought them there over 1000 years ago. This breed has an even thicker, woolier coat than its North American counterpart, and can thrive in rather cold climes. It is also a large and strong cat, but has a wonderful disposition around its human companions.


Between their stunning blue eyes and their almost complete lack of muscle tension upon being picked up (hence their name), the Ragdoll breed is actually something of a newer invention. A crossbreed of Persian and Birman developed in the 1960s, females of this breed can reach 15 pounds. A choice lap cat for their unbelievably soft coats and their equally soft demeanors, the Ragdoll is sure to bring you and your family much joy.


Only a recent import to the United States, the Siberian has been a much beloved feline companion in Russia for hundreds of years. Their long, lush, brilliant coats are often thought to be hypoallergenic, and, though they only made it stateside a couple decades ago, their popularity is spreading quickly around the world.

The American Bobtail

Though not quite as large as the aforementioned kitties, the male American Bobtail can reach 16 pounds, which is no teacup kitten. As their name suggests, they have a distinctively bobbed tail, which is a recessive gene, meaning the offspring of an American Bobtail and another breed may or may not have the signature short tail. This breed is praised for its companionship, and is even known to behave especially well around children and other pets.


Unlike the plush, bushy and more dense big kitties mentioned above, the Savannah is a combination of a domestic cat and a wild African Serval. These cats can weigh in excess of 20 pounds, but they are still as tall, long and thin as their wild African forebears. That means that they’re roughly the size of your average pooch. They look something like miniature cheetahs, with their spotted coats and long ears. The disposition of the Savannah breed is often likened to that of a dog, with their loyalty, energy and even willingness to be walked on a leash.

So, if you’re in the market for a sizeable kitty, then you’d do well with any of these stunning, remarkable breeds. You even have quite a selection to choose from in the way of country of origin. Good luck with this decision. It’s going to be a BIG one!