Cat Breeds A-Z

  1. Savannah cat

    Savannah Cats: Facts, Details, and Breed Guide

    Owning a domesticated Savannah cat may just be the closest thing to having a pet wildcat. But not all Savannah cats...
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  2. Pixie-bob cat

    Pixie-Bob Cat Breed Profile

    The Pixie-bob is a wild-looking cat that resembles the North American bobcat, but is playful, outgoing, and cuddly...
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  3. Burmilla cat

    Burmilla Cat Breed Profile

    The Burmilla cat is an easygoing and friendly mix of the Persian and Burmese breeds...
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  4. Bambino cat sleeping

    Bambino Cat Breed Profile

    The Bambino cat is a pocket-sized hairless breed that gets their short legs from the Munchkin cat...
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  5. red Javanese cat

    Javanese Cat Breed Profile

    The Javanese is a color subdivision of the Balinese cat, taking after the Colorpoint Shorthair and the Siamese...
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  6. Colorpoint Shorthair cat

    Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    The Colorpoint Shorthair cat resembles the Siamese but with 16 non-traditional coat colors. Learn more about these...
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  7. Donskoy cat

    Donskoy Cat Breed Profile

    The Donskoy is a hairless cat that is outgoing, playful, and affectionate. Learn about life with this breed...
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  8. tuxedo Kinkalow cat

    Kinkalow Cat Breed Profile

    Kinkalow cats are a mix between American Curl and Munchkin breeds, boasting curled ears and short legs...
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  9. odd-eyed Khao Manee cat outside

    Khao Manee Cat Breed Profile

    The Khao Manee is an ancient breed from Thailand known for their white coats, jewel-toned eyes, and playfulness...
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  10. Chausie cat

    Chausie Cat Breed Profile

    The Chausie cat is an ancient, wild-looking breed that descended from jungle cats bred with domestics...
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  11. tabby Highlander cat

    Highlander Cat Breed Profile

    With a bobbed tail, curled ears, and the resemblance to a wild cat, the Highlander stands out among cat breeds...
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  12. Havana Brown cat

    Havana Brown Cat Breed Profile

    The Havana Brown is a green-eyed, chocolate-colored cat breed known for their playful attitude...
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  13. American Wirehair cat

    American Wirehair Cat Breed Profile

    American Wirehair cats stand out with their rough, wiry coats and playful demeanor. Learn more about this rare but...
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