I have two sphynx cats. The older one (female) took to the Litter Robot by the second day, and has consistently used it ever since. The younger male, however is a different story. After 5 weeks, he still would not go in it unless there were treats inside, and then he would eat the treats and jump right out. I tried not cleaning his litter box. He didn't care. I had to clean it for myself as it was stinking up the house. Finally, I started decreasing the size of his litter box, until it was about 8 x 5 inches. He still squeezed himself into it to do his business. Then I cut up an orange and a couple of lemons and put them into his box. At that point, he started to use the Litter Robot. I left his old litter box out for 3 days, and he did not use it once, nor did he go in my bathtub, as he had done before when I took away the box. I did use Dr. Elsey's cat attract litter for problem cats, and I sprinkled Dr. Elsey's herbs into the Litter Robot every day. I don't know which tactic was ultimately successful, but he has been using the Litter Robot for almost a week. I'm thrilled that I no longer have to scoop. The unit is quiet, and the cleaning is thorough. It works just like I expected it to. And now both my cats and I are happy again. I have the open air model, and I really like the night light feature as well as the 8-hour sleep mode.
Changing the bag is easy and quick, although still a smelly proposition, if only for the moment that it takes to remove and tie the bag shut. I'm looking forward to years of scoop free litter management.
Great product.