I will be honoring my father, Don Phillips, on Memorial Day.  He served during WWII in the Army Core of Engineers.  He was pulled from MIT half way through his college training to serve as an Engineer.  He was stationed in the Pacific and finished his WWII time in Japan during the reconstruction.  Although he never saw fighting on the front he still recalls the loss of many fellow soldiers and is still changed to this day.  He continued in the reserves and retired a Lt. Colonel.  My father later graduated from MIT and went on with his life including being strong and loving husband and father of four.  All of us are honored to know him and love him dearly.  I will remember my father this Memorial Day and will be talking to him and telling him as well if God wills.
My father is the proud owner of new shelter kitty who entertains him hourly with her antics.

Devoted daughter,
Gail Theiler