I wanted to choose my husband for your blog. His career in Air Force Rescue started in 1990 at the age of 28, having had a desire to serve this country in the first Gulf War he enlisted and was placed in the battle area within 5 months. Being on the front lines he sustained several life threating injuries in the line of duty. As conflicts progress around the world he would deploy on short notice often placing family and personal desires aside for the mission.
His efforts to save military and civilian lives has shown his commitment to serve his country and carry out the duties to save the lives of others at his own personal risk.
In 1996 on a deployment he suffered another serious injury in battle which resulted in the medical and clergy giving him his last rights believing he was going to pass away.
As deployments increased with less time at home Kevin never regarded the call to duty. Again in 1998 he was injured as a drop from a helicopter resulted in a 30 foot drop to the ground resulting in serious injuries. After this injury he deployed again to return to a front line base.
And again in 2003 he had suffered another serious injury as an explosive damaged both of his feet, and after his recovery he again requested a deployment back to the same area where his injuries occurred wanting to save lives of other soldiers and civilians in that region.
In 2006 Kevin interacted with a small group of military personnel and local civilians to build a clinic which would serve the residents up to a 50 mile radius.
In 2007 Kevin had suffered another serious injury which again would result in his last rights as the medical staff did not think he would pull through and this ended his fight to save lives in any situation and region in the world.
His commitment to duty resulted in over 164 lives being saved a direct result of his actions in the line of duty.
His retirement in 2008 resulted in a 100% medical disability from duty. However he still has an active part in Veterans affairs in our area.
Does this guy have nine lives or what………