My name is Jennifer Simonton and I have been a military wife for about eight years now. It has been a long and hard road for us with a lot of miles in between. I wouldn't trade it for the world knowing that my husband and myself are part of a bigger picture; "freedom". A lot of times this seems to taken for granted. We are so privileged to live in a country that gives you a chance to do anything and be anyone we want to be. My husband is my best friend and he always seems to steer me in the right direction. It is hard to be worlds apart at times, but then I remember all that he represents and all that he is doing to ensure our way of life.This is what helps me sleep at night. There is a picture that hangs on our wall that reminds me of this. It says; For those who fight for it, freedom has a meaning the protected will never know. This message is written over a picture of my husband in his desert combat uniform. My husband isn't the only family member I have in the military. I have my sister,two brother-in-laws, and a nephew. I try to do my part each day to send hope and love to our troops over there fighting for us. My work sends care packages to the single soldiers in Afghanistan . Its something small, but at least it's something.
    My Litter-robot stories go back six years ago. My husband decided to buy me cat because he knew I missed my animals from the days on the farm in Colorado. So he went to the shelter and picked out a cat for me. Unfortunately the shelter had a strict rule that they had to meet everyone in the family. So we go to the shelter to chose a cat. Then find out that since both of us work and the cat could possibly be alone for more than fours we had to choose two cats. Of course, my husband already had his picked out. It was the "crazy" one running all over the place in the kitten area. I couldn't make up my mind between all the cats they had. I got lucky my cat "Peanut" chose me. When I wasn't looking she jumped up on my shoulder and started bumping me in the head to pet her.
The next step was getting supplies for our new found friends. We got the basics; cat food, litter box, water and food bowls, etc. Well come to find out my big, tough Army man would rather sell his left arm then smell or change a litter box. So we bought him a gas mask. I wish I had pictures of this tough Army man wearing a gas mask to change a litter box.This wasn't working very well for either of us so we decided to do some research on automatic litter boxes. Most need special filters,bags, or litter. Can we say "a whole lot of extra money". Most of them had okay reviews but one thing I found is they often don't do a complete job and you end having to clean the litter box anyways. Seems like a big waste of time to me for a whole lot of money. That is when we found the Litter-Robot. When it arrived I was surprised at simplicity of it. The cats love it and often play games in it just to set if off; they're mischievous like that. I wouldn't trade my Litter-Robot for anything in the world. I cannot smell any odor coming from it, it takes regular litter, and uses regular bags. How could I ask for more. Thank you Litter-Robot you have made my life a lot easier during a stressful time.
Jennifer Simonton