From the time he was a small boy his dream was to fly jets for the Air Force.  As a young officer he volunteered for overseas assignments so the married Airmen wouldn't be separated from their families.

Now that he has his own brood of three boys he still goes where they need him.  He's been to Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Oman and just returned from a year in Afghanistan to name a few.  He tells stories of his deployments as if on vacation highlighting the people he meets, the things he sees, the new food he tries... sending beautiful postcards from all over, bringing gifts when he returns.  His clothes and gear show the wear and tear of a hard life but you'd never hear it from him.

This latest "trip" I saw new deep lines at the corners of his eyes and wondered what those eyes have seen.  They are still piercing blue and sparkle in a way that makes strangers want to be his friend.

So I really  have never thought of him as a soldier, he's just William.  He flies a desk, he jokes.  But now I can tell something's different.  He slips up during a conversation and mentions being in the turret.  I doubt there's room for a desk up there.  He doesn't share things that will make me worry.  He doesn't complain or burden me with the ugly side of life in the military when I ask.  He's protecting me.

He's protecting you.

Proud to be Mrs William Wood