I am thrilled with my eco-friendly Litter Robot that has reduced the number of plastic liners and litter that goes to the landfill.   I have three cats ranging from 13 – 17 lbs. Prior to purchasing the Litter Robot, I required two cat boxes that I changed every two days and changed the litter every month.  That is about 2 x 15 = 30 liners per month and a substantial amount of used litter.  Now, with the Litter Robot, there is minimal odor, I change the catch tray every three days using 10 liners per month.  Since the Litter Robot uses about ½ as much litter as a cat box, I use ¼ the litter that I used to use.

Thanks to my Litter Robot, I am kinder to the environment and also my wallet.

Garry Elliott

Ocean City, MD