Litter-Robot Tip #1: Adjusting The Cat Sensor
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Litter-Robot Tip #1: Adjusting The Cat Sensor

Est. read time: 2 min.

Have you ever found your Litter-Robot stopped in mid rotation and possibly with the red light blinking? This could be a sign that your cat sensor needs adjustment. Sometimes after adding litter or replacing litter in the globe, the total weight of the globe becomes high enough that during the rotation or even while stationary (without cat inside) the cat sensor is triggered. If the Cat Sensor is triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes then the red light starts to blink. This problem can be easily fixed by simply adjusting the Cat Sensor. Here are recommended steps for adjusting the Cat Sensor:

1. Turn off unit and remove Globe.
2. Turn on power with Globe removed. Does gear turn?
3. If NO go to step 4. If YES, turn off power and go to step 5.
4. Try 'exercising' the Safety Line in the Base - push and release it several times such that you hear the clicking noise of a switch. Turn the power off then on again. Does the Globe now turn? If NO try repeating, but if still no rotation of the gear, then you will need to contact Customer Service. If YES, you are done. Re-position Globe and verify that it completes a clean cycle (in this case adjustment of the cat sensor was not needed).
5. Turn the Base upside down so you are facing the bottom surface. Find the round black adjustment foot and simply turn it Clockwise (2) full complete turns (720 degrees).

Adjusting the cat sensor diagram

6. Replace Globe and turn the unit ON. Verify that the Globe completes the clean cycle - if YES you're done. If not, repeat step 5. If you are still having trouble, contact Customer Service .