My father, Loy Hodges, was a WWII veteran who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, and was wounded in battle and awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medal.  We returned to Omaha Beach in Normandy exactly 50 years later.  My dad knelt down, picked up some sand, stood and saluted, and cried like a baby for the men who died that day.  He always told me he wasn't a hero; he just believed in freedom.

Dad loved our cats all his life and donated to our local animal shelters.  With infinite patience, he even taught his cat, Major, to walk on a leash like a dog.  After my mother passed away, Dad came to live with me, and I felt blessed to have that time with him.  Of course, he brought his cats, Major and Cali, to live with me and my cat, Boots.  Soon enough they were all sleeping together in Dad's bed!  With all three cats, that meant a lot of litter scooping in our old-fashioned litter box.  When I traveled for work, scooping was very difficult for Dad at 86 years old.  When we learned about the Litter Robot, we thought it would be a perfect solution--- and it was.  I want people to know how the Litter Robot helped make Dad's senior years much easier, because there's no way he would have been without his sweet cats!

Last year, as Dad began to slow down, so did Major (now 17 years old).  Dad moved a chair next to his bed so Major could still climb into bed with him.  Dad passed away a few months ago, and so did Cali.  Major and Boots still live with me, and we miss Dad very much, and I believe we'll see him again someday.  His cats were even mentioned in his obituary.  He was awarded full military honors at his funeral, and I will always be proud of his military service.  Memorial Day will be even more special for me this year.