Somali cat inside cat side table
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Best Cat Furniture Options

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Cat furniture can be luxurious and modern, just like furniture for humans. If you want the best for your cat, take a look at Whisker’s five best cat furniture options. After all, you don’t want to purchase the wrong (or just plain ugly) piece of furniture for your cat.

Do cats need furniture?

Do cats need furniture? They sure do! Cats may use furniture for a different reason than humans, but it’s an important part of a happy pet household. It is in cats’ natures to climb, rest, and scratch. Having this option will only help them be happier and healthier cats. 

What makes a good piece of cat furniture? 

Ask yourself this question: What makes a good piece of furniture for you? Is it comfortable, practical, what you need, and worth the cost? Here are some of the main points of consideration when it comes to cat furniture:


Cats need a variety of materials in their lives. Imagine if you were stuck with only concrete. It would not be a happy living situation! You need variety, and so does a cat. Find a good material for your cat that they will love and utilize, such as sisal, carpet, cardboard, or wood.


Every piece of furniture has a purpose. Your side table is not meant for lounging. Your bed is specifically made for you to sleep on. Cat furniture, like a beautiful cat tree, has its own specific use. A cat tree is used to be played, exercised, and slept on. You should be looking to buy a piece of cat furniture with a goal in mind.

Cost savings

Cats need a place to scratch and stretch their claws, preferably on different types of surfaces. Without a proper outlet, your cat may start to tear apart your furniture. For example, if your cat scratches your couch to the point of cosmetic or even functional damage, then you will have to buy a new couch.

If you buy the right piece of furniture for your cat to take their “scratching fix” out on, then you will not have to worry about your cat tearing apart your couch. This will leave you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day. 

Best cat furniture options by Whisker 

Here are some of the best pieces of modern cat furniture for your cat.

Abyssinian cat on cat shelf - best cat furniture

Cat Shelf (2-Pack)

Best For 

The cat shelf is best for cats that love to hop and chill. Cats have the opportunity to jump up to a small shelf to sit and relax. 

Special Features

These wall-mounted shelves come with soft grey cushions. They are designed with reversible configuration in mind, which means you can mount each of them differently to give your room some variety. 


Mount these shelves anywhere on the wall at any desired height for your cat. You can easily put the two shelves next to each other or separate them at an optimal jumping distance.


Drilling is required. These shelves have sharp edges, so they’re not considered child-friendly.


$69 plus tax.  Qualified customers may pay as little ast $13/mo with Affirm.

Two longhaired cats on cat pyramid cat tree - best cat furniture

Cat Pyramid

Best For 

The cat pyramid is best for cats that are looking to climb and enjoy a maze-like structure. 

Special Features

This cat pyramid provides a modern-looking piece of furniture in your house. If you don’t like the normal look of a cat tree, then this is your best option.


Felt pads are on every level with a unique vegetable-dyed sisal scratch pad. This makes it an excellent place for your cat to scratch away the day.


This piece of furniture may take up more space than is optimal in a small apartment or setting.


$149 plus tax. Qualified customers may pay as little as $14/mo with Affirm.

Two longhaired cats on cat tower cat tree - best cat furniture

Cat Tower 

Best For 

For cats that want to climb and scratch to their heart’s content, this is the best cat tower for the job.

Special Features

This is the most stylish cat tower on the block. As a modern cat tree, it features three holes that are calling cats to come over and climb. 


Not only can cats climb on the cat tower, they can scratch the sisal pads. It also comes with soft felt pads and a cat bed on the bottom level.


The price point may be too steep for some cat parents.


$249 plus tax. Qualified customers may pay as little as $23/mo with Affirm.

Why cat furniture by Whisker is the best choice

Whisker has the most unique cat furniture around. These pieces don’t feel like your normal cat tree intruding on an otherwise stylish space—they will actually add some element of style to your home! Looking for even more of a modern cat life kick? Check out Litter-Robot, the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box for cats.