5 Ways to Have a Happy Halloween with Your Cat
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5 Ways to Have a Happy Halloween with Your Cat

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When it comes to Halloween and pets, why should dogs have all the fun? From costumes to parades to cat towers, we’ve got you and your cat covered this Halloween. Here are 5 ways to have a happy Halloween with your cat!

1.  Let Your Furry Friend Be a Door Greeter

Do you ever get the feeling your cat is more popular than you? Do they curl up and cuddle with everyone they meet? If you are staying home and greeting trick-or-treaters, let your chatty cat in on the fun.

People love to see adorable pets doing funny things. Incorporate your cat into your costume and he'll add to the Halloween delight by greeting them at the candy bowl.

Warning: Make sure your kitty doesn't slip out the door in all the fun.

2.  Dress Them Up in a Pet-Friendly Halloween Costume

Whether you’re hosting a party or going trick-or-treating, a festive outfit is a perfect way to celebrate (and get an adorable insta’).  From PB&J to Dracula, there’s no shortage of costumes for cats.

If your fur baby prefers something a little more subdued, opt for a Halloween-themed collar or charm.

3.  Participate in a Local Pet Parade

Why should dogs have all the fun? Show off your festive feline in a local Halloween pet parade. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday with other pet paraders who enjoy going all out with costumes, floats, decorated wagons, and more.

Research if your community has an established pet parade. If not, consider organizing your own for fellow pet-lovers in your neighborhood!

4.  Get Cozy At Home

If your cat is easily spooked, opt for creating an at-home celebration just for them. Grab her favorite toys and set up space away from the trick-or-treaters where your cat can relax.

Give your cat a fun diversion like the Cat Tower to hide out and play in. Your cat will feel like a king when he ascends the cubic design. 

cats on Cat Tower

5.  Incorporate New Treats Into the Mix

Kids aren’t the only ones getting treats this Halloween. Give your cat the full trick-or-treating experience with an assortment of new and different treats (there are even pumpkin recipes out there!)—Jack-O’-Lantern candy pail optional.