Helpful Accessories for Your Litter-Robot 3
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Helpful Accessories for Your Litter-Robot 3

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The Litter-Robot already makes it easier to care for your cat, and with a few accessories, the experience can be even better.

For those litter-kicking, liner-scratching, not-quite-all-the-way-in kitties...

The Litter-Robot Fence

Auto Pets-0336_cropIf your kitty sends litter sailing out of your Litter-Robot onto the floor, try the Fence accessory. It fastens onto the entrance of the Open Air and acts as a barrier to contain kicked-up litter. It rises just a few inches (so your cat can still enter the Globe easily), but that difference goes a long way toward keeping the litter box area clean.

The Fence also helps ensure that your cat is all the way inside the Globe before going (if you have had the problem, you know what I mean). If you have one of those cats that just doesn't turn around once they're in the Globe, the Fence accessory is a great solution. It promotes your cat's full entry into the Globe, helping to prevent those half-in/half-out messes.

The Fence also helps protect the black rubber liner. It's made of a tough, flexible plastic that can withstand your kitty's scratching. If it gets dirty, it's quick to pop off, wash, and reinstall. Check out the Fence installation video here.

For those short-legged, achy-hipped, or litter-tracking kitties...

The Litter-Robot Ramp

Litter-Robot Open Air with RampThe Litter-Robot Ramp adds three shallow steps from the floor to the Globe, providing a gentle walkway for your cat to enter and exit the Litter-Robot. Most cats hop onto the Step and into the Globe without any problem. For small cats or elderly cats, however, the Ramp makes the Litter-Robot more accessible and easier to use. The Ramp also has rubber feet that help it grip smooth floors, giving your cat a steady walkway.

One of the best parts of the Ramp is the way it reduces litter tracking by catching errant granules on the way out. The Step Mat is still there to catch litter on the first step, but now your cat continues onto the textured surface of the Ramp, which helps remove litter from your cat's paws. The raised lip around the perimeter of the Ramp contains tracked-out litter, so all you have to do is vacuum or wipe it up.

It's always great when something helpful is easy to use, too! The Ramp installs in just seconds and does not require any tools. Simply peel up the existing black Step Mat, place the Ramp in the recessed grooves, and replace the Step Mat. When it's time to empty the Waste Drawer, simply lift the ramp off the step and set it aside. Check out the Ramp installation video here.

For whatever type of kitty situation you have, the Litter-Robot Fence and Ramp accessories are simple ways to improve your (and your cat's) Litter-Robot experience!