8 Best Dog Breeds for Cats
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8 Best Dog Breeds for Cats

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In cartoons and pop culture, dogs and cats are typically portrayed as mortal enemies. However, this does not need to be the case! With proper training and socialization, most dogs and cats can be taught to get along and live together happily. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’ve rounded up the 8 best dog breeds for cats. If you’re looking to create a multi-pet household, read on!

8 dogs that are good with cats

With one of these best dog breeds for cats, you won’t have a clue where the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” came from! Remember, though, that these are just generalities: In order to ensure your dog and cat get along, you will need to socialize them properly. Make sure you do your research on how to introduce cats and dogs before you adopt your next pet.

Golden retriever

golden retriever sitting on grass - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by adam hles on Unsplash

The golden retriever is one of the most loving, patient, and gentle dog breeds—making them certified cat-friendly dogs! Many service dogs and police dogs are of this breed because they are so easy to train. Golden retrievers can easily learn how to get along with a feline family member. 

Basset hound

basset hound with large ears lifted - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash

Basset hounds are considered dogs that are good with cats because they are one of the most low-key breeds out there. With their patient and mild temperaments, they are generally happy to go with the flow and tolerate children, other dogs, and cats. Bassets have low activity requirements, and are not likely to expend energy chasing or bothering a cat. 


Beagle on a leash in the grass - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by Joe Smith on Unsplash

Though these scent hounds can have a strong prey drive, these cat-friendly dogs were originally bred to hunt in packs, meaning they generally get along well with other animals. Beagles will likely see your cat as another member of the pack, and have no issues!

Mini goldendoodle

Mini goldendoodle in a woman's arms - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by April Walker on Unsplash

The miniature goldendoodle takes the best qualities of their retriever and poodle parents and fits them into a tiny, adorable package! Super smart, super friendly, and super gentle, mini goldendoodles get along with most anyone, including cats. And while cats can be fine with many big dogs, mini goldendoodles’ size means they will be less intimidating to a cat.


white maltese puppy on a leash outside - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Even smaller than the mini goldendoodle is the maltese! These pups only reach about 7 pounds in weight, making them the perfect-sized companion for a cat. As one of the best dog breeds for cats, the maltese are easygoing dogs, and will likely see your cat as a friend.


brown newfoundland outside in the snow - best dog breeds for cats
© SKern / CC-BY-3.0

Now, on the opposite end of the size spectrum: These gentle giants not only have huge paws, they have huge hearts as well. On our list of dogs that are good with cats, Newfoundlands love just about everyone and everything they meet. Most newfies would rather nap on the couch than run a 5k, and it would be rare to find one that acts as an aggressor around a cat.


pug on a white sheet - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by Karin Hiselius on Unsplash

With their distinctive wrinkly faces and curly tails, pugs are another breed that easily cohabitates with cats. Many pugs suffer from separation anxiety when their human families leave them by themselves, so a cat companion might even help ease their fears of being left alone!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel on a leash outside - best dog breeds for cats
Photo by Sophia Kunkel on Unsplash

Our last breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, gets along magnificently with cats. They are gentle, affectionate, and loyal dogs, and most end up being about the same size as cats when they are fully grown. They were bred to be companion dogs, and are adaptable to living with children, other dogs, and other species, including cats.

Think you’ll have to shell out big bucks for one of these cat-friendly dogs? Think again. These 8 best dog breeds for cats can be found among many shelters, including breed-specific rescues. This month, we wholeheartedly ask that you adopt, don’t shop!

beagle on a leash outside - 8 best dog breeds for cats


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