Brown Cat Breeds

  1. Pixie-bob cat

    Pixie-Bob Cat Breed Profile

    The Pixie-bob is a wild-looking cat that resembles the North American bobcat, but is playful, outgoing, and cuddly...
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  2. Chausie cat

    Chausie Cat Breed Profile

    The Chausie cat is an ancient, wild-looking breed that descended from jungle cats bred with domestics...
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  3. Havana Brown cat

    Havana Brown Cat Breed Profile

    The Havana Brown is a green-eyed, chocolate-colored cat breed known for their playful attitude...
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  4. Singapura cat

    Singapura Cat Breed Profile

    The Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds. Discover their adorable face, spunky personality, and loving nature...
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  5. Toyger cat next to scratching post

    Toyger Cat Breed Profile

    The Toyger cat is a tiger-resembling sweetheart that wants to spend time with their humans. Learn more about these...
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  6. brown Ocicat with green eyes

    Ocicat Breed Profile

    Ocicats are spotted cats that look like they belong in the wild. But make no mistake: They’re so loving and playful...
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  7. sable Burmese cat with yellow eyes

    Burmese Cat Breed Profile

    The ancient, once-worshiped Burmese cat is highly intelligent, but needs your devotion. Learn about these elegant...
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  8. brown bengal cat lying down

    Bengal Cat Colors - 6 Common to Rare Coat Colors & Patterns

    The Bengal cat is a stunning and loving friend. Discover what colors Bengals come in and which ones are officially...
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  9. Bengal cat sitting on pink chair

    Bengal Cat Breed Profile

    The Bengal cat is an exotic-looking breed that is active, friendly, and loving with their humans. Find out how to...
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  10. Brown tabby cat with green eyes

    Tabby Cats: Facts, Details, and Breed Guide

    Learn some of the interesting facts and folklore surrounding the tabby cat. Where would we be without our spotted...
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