Cat Furniture: Spotting Trends & Buying For The Future!
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Cat Furniture: Spotting Trends & Buying For The Future!

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Your cat may be an adored and respected member of your family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat’s litter box is one of your favorite home furnishings. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a few great ways to minimize the presence of your cat’s litter box through some really creative DIY and store-bought litter box furniture solutions. These should at least prove interesting, if not helpful!

Cat Litter Box Furniture

There’s a nearly infinite list of options when it comes to how you, as a cat owner, can choose to situate your cat’s litter box within your shared living space. After all, you’ve got to live there, too, so you want to make sure that you’re also comfortable with the arrangement. Now, a great many cat owners simply put their conventional scooping litter boxes out of sight and out of mind (until, of course, it’s time to scoop), perhaps in the basement or a guest bedroom. And this works for them. Others, with perhaps smaller living spaces, require a bit more ingenuity in order to feel comfortable living along side a box of their cat’s poop. This is where interior decoration and furniture design creativity really come into play. Here, on BuzzFeed, we found 27 great DIY ways to hide your cat’s litter box, like putting up miniature cat-sized curtains around the underneath of an end table, creating cat-sized openings in enclosed structures like cabinets, dressers, benches, etc. that can also house the litter box, and many more. It’s all about using what you’ve got, both in terms of materials and imagination, because you can really get very creative.

What Style Litter Box Suits You Best

It’s not just a matter of deciding whether and how to hide your conventional litter eating, backbreaking litter box. Depending on your personal preferences and those of your kitty, you may be ready to consider upping the ante and going with something that doesn’t consume resources, create discomfort and necessitate hiding like your old litter box. There are a number of alternative litter boxes on the market nowadays that are cleaner, more efficient and less of an eyesore for you and your human companions. There’s the Omega Paw, the Litter Genie, the Scoop Free and, of course, the Litter Robot, brought to you by yours truly. Of course, we’ve carefully examined all of our direct competitors, and we can tell you, from a strictly technological and engineering perspective, the Litter Robot is a vastly superior product. It just so happens to also be the most aesthetically appealing product, but that’s just our humble opinion. When you’re looking into a litter box for your cat and your home, though, it’s got to conform to your sensibilities, your style and, not to be overlooked, your budget. Once you’ve factored all of these elements into your litter box equation, then you can decide if a Litter-Robot is right for you.

What Are Popular Litter Box Furniture Pieces

Even after you’ve weighed all of your options and made the very educated decision to purchase a Litter Robot, you don’t necessarily have to showcase it, if you’d rather not. Just like you could with your conventional litter box, you have options when it comes to displaying or obscuring your Litter Robot. And, just like you could with your conventional box, you can either go store-bought, straight from Automated Pet Care, in fact, or you can use your noggin and come up with something on your own. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for, and how far you’re willing to go. At the end of the day, though, we’re quite sure you’ll be happier with a Litter Robot than you will with a conventional litter box, whether it’s obvious or invisible in your home. Good luck with all of your litter box furniture engineering endeavors!