CatCon 2018: Did You “Paw For Poo?”
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CatCon 2018: Did You “Paw For Poo?”

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CatCon 2018 was a smash success for kitty fans and Litter-Robot alike! Litter-Robot was “fur and away” the most popular booth at the event, drawing crowds of curious cat-adorned attendees for the first-ever “Paw for Poo” activity. Contestants were asked to don furry paws and dig around in a litter box for a piece of emoji poo, each corresponding to a different prizeincluding several grand prizes of a Litter-Robot Connect!

“Our new CatCon event, Paw for Poo, was an unforgettable experience,” says Jacob Zuppke, Executive Vice President at AutoPets. “We had lines of 30+ people waiting to play the game. Everyone was so excited to play, regardless of what they won. But that look on those grand prize winners’ faces was truly a sight to see!”

CatCon 2018 drew a record 16,400 attendees from 45 states and 11 countries. Among the high-profile talent this year was celebricat Lil BUB, actor Ian Somerhalder (“The Vampire Diaries” and Netflix’s upcoming “V-Wars”), Georgia Hardstark (“My Favorite Murder” podcast), Moshow the Cat Rapper, Morris the 9Lives Cat, Cats of Instagram, Coby the Cat, Julia Butters (“American Housewife” and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), and newcomers Merlin Ragdoll, Waverly McTinybeans, and Sir Thomas Trueheart.

The most popular lectures at CatCon 2018 included Cannabis and Cats: What You Need to Know Meow, The Furrocious Fashion Face Off, and Men and Cats, a Love Story, all of which drew standing room-only crowds.

Best of all, more than $40,000 was raised this year to benefit cats in need!

Check out photos from Litter-Robot’s CatCon 2018 experience below.

CatCon 2018 in Pasadena, CA. CatCon 2018 took place Aug. 4-5 in Pasadena, CA.


Litter-Robot crew This year's Litter-Robot crew included (L-R) Dave, Sonny, Jacob, and Fitz.


Paw for Poo line The line to participate in our Paw for Poo event stretched around the room!


Meow air fresheners We handed out thousands of Meow air fresheners.


Contestants pawing for poo Contestants pawed for poo for a chance to win!


Girl with poo Was she one of the lucky ones?


Man grand prize winner One of our grand prize winners! He won a Litter-Robot Connect!


Woman grand prize winner Another grand prize winner! She also won a Litter-Robot Connect!


Winner of free litter He won free litter for a year!


Crazy cat "lady" is back Crazy cat "lady" back in action!


black cat in a skirt A black cat in a skirt visited the Litter-Robot booth.


Cat ears at Litter-Robot Cat ears making a comeback.


More Paw for Poo contestants More Paw for Poo contestants.


Sleepy kitty at Paw for Poo A sleepy kitty visited Paw for Poo.


A family of feline fans A family of feline fans.


Meowica at Paw for Poo "Meowica" rules at Paw for Poo!



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