Disguising Your Litter Box
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Disguising Your Litter Box

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We’ve briefly discussed some of the ways that your cat’s litter box can be hidden or disguised to better blend in with its surroundings, and, when it comes to a box of animal feces, there’s no end to the lengths one can and will go to avoid prolonged exposure. So, here are a few thoughts, ideas, examples and what have you for how to better camouflage your cat’s litter box.

Hiding Your Litter Box In Other Areas

We found some really great examples of discretely located litter boxes on an article from Porch, but, as we said before, there’s no end to the possibilities. We particularly like the first example of a convenient and sensible litter box area built into the preexisting cabinet space of a bathroom. Still out of sight, but if it’s got to be somewhere, why not in the same place that you expel waste? Seems to make a fair bit of sense, and yet you still have your space freed from a kick-and-spill prone litter box taking up precious floor space. As with anything worthwhile, you’ve got to give it some time and put your mind to it, but with the numerous spaces in your home, there’re bound to be a few that could prove really useful for secretly housing a litter box.

Matching Your Litter Box With Your Furniture

If you’re going for something a bit more mainstream, as in right there in a prominent living space, then you’re going to have to elevate your game slightly. If you’re thinking of going with the living or family rooms, where people will be congregating and relaxing, you’ll really want your cat’s litter box to blend with the surroundings. One way to make sure that it’s not sticking out like a box of poop in a room is to try and create a housing for it that will blend with your existing furniture. Something like a table with mini-drapes beneath or one of many hundreds of kinds of boxes that can house a litter box and also blend in with your sofa or coffee table. Among the best ways to make sure that your litter box housing structure is really fitting in with your other furniture is to utilize any leftover materials you may have from your existing furniture. If you’ve got leftover upholstery from the sofa or perhaps some extra wood from a previously modified end table, you could use these in the construction of your kitty outhouse so that it’s that much more discrete.

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Matching Your Litter Box With Your Home Design

When attempting to match your litter box housing unit with your home design, in general, you can employ the same approach to utilizing the leftovers. For instance, if you have wallpaper or flooring or any other materials leftover from renovation projects, you can absolutely incorporate these into your litter box design scheme to further blend it in to your existing interior design. Extra paint of the same color as the walls of the room that you’re considering putting the litter box in, or wooden boxes to house a litter box that will be going in a room that already has a wood motif, either of these, and many more, are great ways to ensure that your litter box isn’t the unpleasantly scented elephant in the room at your next gathering. Have fun with it, make it your own and be proud of it.