Furever Designed & Assembled in the USA
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Furever Designed & Assembled in the USA

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Litter-Robot inventor Brad Baxter explains why we source local materials and assemble in the U.S.—and how we do it for the right reasons.

Litter-Robot CEO Brad Baxter

Why did you decide to design and assemble the Litter-Robot in the USA?

Brad: The Litter-Robot has always been designed and assembled in the U.S. With its large parts and components, it’s been a matter of necessity; a short, efficient supply chain means you have to be as close to assembly as possible.

The company began in Pontiac, Michigan, where I was actually building the first units myself. We were bringing in our plastic parts from the East Coast, and freight costs were high. We happened to find a better plastics supplier in Wisconsin, and decided to set up right next door to them. At that time, we were so small we were actually renting a little room inside of a big plant. I remember walking through a huge, completely dark building just to get to this little room for assembly. We’ve since grown into a 220-000-square-foot factory and warehouse, and plan to further expand in the U.S. for assembly and fulfillment.

Whisker AutoPets manufacturing facility of Litter-Robot

Did your background as a Big 3 automotive engineer influence your decision to source materials and assemble locally?

Brad: It’s always a good thing when a company can source locally—and we’re doing it for good business reasons. If you’re doing it for show, or marketing purposes, that’s not sustainable and doesn’t make sense. We source materials and design and assemble in the U.S. for the shorter supply chain, the ability to make changes quickly, to reduce freight cost, and to reduce our carbon footprint. This in turn allows us to offer greater value to our customers.

It really boils down to what is the best, most efficient way to do things. You have to take into account all aspects, all intangibles—just to say “I want to source and build in the USA” can be risky. It’s a noble cause, but at the end of the day it’s got to be the right business decision.

Why did you decide to harvest GreatLitter® in the U.S.?

Brad: Harvesting our litter here was related to the location of the clay more than anything else. The highest-quality sodium bentonite reserves in the world reside in Wyoming; the family-owned-and-operated ranch there gives us access to superior raw material for cat litter.

Where to buy Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot is now available both locally and internationally! Visit our international page to find all the countries we deliver to and our authorized resellers, or visit our official sites:

You can also find Litter-Robot near you with our local retailers including Best Buy, PetSmart, Hollywood Feed, Chewy, and Costco.