A Gift Guide For Modern Cat Furniture
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A Gift Guide For Modern Cat Furniture

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Cat furniture—like cat parent nomenclature—has come a long way since the days of “crazy old cat ladies.” If you’re looking for modern cat furniture to complete your kitty-friendly household, look no further than the litter box furniture on our list! Top off these great pieces with a few cute cat beds, and you’ll have a purrfect setup.

The best modern cat furniture

The best litter box furniture is not only stylish, but functional: It looks amazing in your home, and it effectively hides the litter box from everyone but your cat. Check out these two pieces of hidden litter box furniture:

Litter Box Storage Cabinet + Hutch

orange cat exiting Litter-Robot 3 Connect hidden in storage cabinet and hutch

This storage cabinet provides cats easy access to the litter box through an interchangeable side entryway. The hutch, doubling as a modern cat tree, is designed for cats to roam the shelves and take naps on, or can be used as practical storage space. The storage cabinet interior is spacious enough to accommodate a traditional litter box or a self-cleaning Litter-Robot. The storage cabinet features a rich coffee oak finish and retails for $379.

Litter Box Credenza

long-haired orange cat standing next to the Litter-Robot 3 Connect in a white plank credenza

This modern farmhouse-style credenza provides a spacious top surface, perfect for a cat bed and supplies, or can accommodate a flat-panel television weighing up to fifty pounds. The Litter-Robot or a traditional litter box conveniently fits behind the three credenza doors, with access to the litter box via the open side entry. The credenza features a rustic white plank finish and retails for $349.

4 cute cat beds

Whether you’re looking for cute cat beds, modern cat beds, or a little of both, we’ve got you covered. Squeal with delight over 4 of the best cat beds you can find online:

long-haired orange cat exiting bamboo cat cavern

$35 Bamboo Cat Cavern – The Bamboo Cat Cavern is as cozy as it is stylish.

blue-grey cat cube cat bed

$32 Cat Cube – The Cat Cube is the versatile cat bed missing from your household.

Grey kitten inside Litterbox.com Cat Bungalow

$22 Cat Bungalow – The Cat Bungalow is the perfect hideout for your feline.

Black cat and brown tabby cat laying on Litterbox.com Pet Pouf

$35 Pet Pouf – For multiple pets in the household… just don’t expect the cat to share!

This completes our guide to modern cat furniture —for now! We hope you enjoy your litter box furniture, which will keep the litter box out of sight but not out of mind. And we guarantee your cat will love one (or many) of the cute cat beds on this list.

From all of us at Litter-Robot, happy pawlidays!

long-haired cream cat sitting in grey cat pocket cute cat bed; a gift guide for modern cat furniture


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