Saving Litter And Money With Your Litter Robot
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Saving Litter And Money With Your Litter Robot

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They say that time is money, but, for those of us who own cats, we know that it’s actually litter that is money. When it comes to keeping your kitty in fresh, untainted litter, you’re going to be shelling out nearly as much as you do at the gas station. It’s an inevitable regular expense that you simply can’t avoid (unless you’d prefer to replace litter with carpet steam cleaning services). You can, however, significantly mitigate this expense by making use of the newest in automatic self-cleaning litter box technology, namely the Litter Robot.

Saving You Litter

Thanks to the patented sifting system in the revolutionary Litter Robot, your kitty litter will last you longer than you ever thought possible. Just think back to those dark days when you used to actually have to crouch over uncomfortably on the ceramic tile floor of whichever bathroom housed your cat’s conventional litter box. Try and remember, if it’s not too traumatic, how much excess litter you would wind up scooping out along with the clumps, not to mention the weekly dump of all the litter! Yes, it’s okay. It was quite a bit, indeed. But fortunately for everyone involved, those days are long behind you, now that you have a Litter Robot that uses litter more efficiently than most modern hybrid vehicles use fuel. Now, your litter is savored and spared, while every crumb and drop of cat waste is systematically removed from the vessel of your Litter Robot and deposited into the self-contained waste drawer. Now, your kitty litter is going to be replaced far less often than it ever was before.

Saving You Money

As we’ve established, in the world of cat ownership, litter equates to dollars, and hard-earned dollars at that. So, when your new automatic Litter Robot is using a fraction of the litter that your old, conventional litter box consumed, you’re effectively spending a fraction of the money that you had been on litter for your unhygienic, manual scooping litter box. That’s right! It all adds up, but some of it just happens to add up quite a bit faster. You possess the opportunity to restructure your own kitty litter expense, and all you need to do is make one purchase that will wind up changing your life in many ways for the better, and not just in monetary terms. Think about whatever you spend on a bag of regular clumping cat litter, then think of that number multiplied by the amount of bags you go through in, say, one year. That’s a lot of money on kitty litter, but it doesn’t have to be so much. No, with a Litter Robot, you could be putting a sizeable dent into that figure, and, like we said, it’ll benefit you in more ways than just financially, too. But that’s another blog post altogether.