The “Ugly” Cat Christmas Sweater: 14 Favorites
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The “Ugly” Cat Christmas Sweater: 14 Favorites

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For better or worse, ugly Christmas sweaters are now firmly embedded in our culture. Here at Litter-Robot, we’re doing our part to bolster an important niche in the category: the cat Christmas sweater. This interesting mashup of cheesy design and cat lady kitsch is appealing to feline lovers and haters (sadly, they do exist) alike. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites below!

Quick history of ugly Christmas sweaters

Have you ever wondered how the ugly Christmas sweater trend emerged?

The commercialization of Christmas exploded in the 1950s, bringing with it holiday-themed sweaters. Complex reports that these were initially referred to as “Jingle Bell Sweaters.” The clothing category hit another high in the 1980s with portrayals on TV, notably the Huxtables and Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

In 2001, the first-ever ugly Christmas sweater party was held in Vancouver, British Columbia. The organizers of the party simply wanted “a cheesy, feel-good, festive party, and the sweaters were a main ingredient of that.” The trend began to spread across Canada and into the U.S., eventually amassing fans all around the world. Today, ugly Christmas apparel is a major industry in and of itself. Naturally, cats sneaked into the mix—thus our using the term “ugly” loosely.

Our favorite cat Christmas sweaters


cat christmas sweater skull fire Via Amazon

For the slightly unhinged party goer, this cat Christmas sweater has all the trappings of a good time: merry skulls, colorful humeri, and a fire-breathing boxer feline. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater bow bells Via Amazon

Real men wear bow-adorned jingle bell sweaters. We can’t decide if these cats are jolly or angry, but they sure give the wearer a festive look! Buy it here

cat christmas sweater collage kittens Via Amazon

This collage of Santa hat-adorned kittens reminds us of our version of the golden rule: There’s no such thing as too. many. cats. The more, the meow-ier! Buy it here

cat christmas sweater meeowee purr Via Amazon

Finally, a cat Christmas sweater that isn’t completely garish! This adorable Meowee Christmas design features a pattern of contented purring cats. (We assume they just dined on the fish.) Buy it here

cat christmas sweater light strand Via Amazon

As if the “stranded” festive kitty wasn’t enough, this cat Christmas sweater comes with four flashing LED lights. (No batteries needed!) Buy it here

cat christmas sweater attack laser Via Amazon

Cat attack! Looming large over Santa’s village, this cat’s laser-shooting eyes aim to slay everyone in sight. Probably an accurate depiction, should a giant feline ever arise. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater lonely snowflake Via Amazon

Is it just us, or does this cat look like a lonely bar patron on Christmas Eve? Give him some love by, um, wearing him. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater bow sequin Via Amazon

There’s nothing ironic about this adorable cat Christmas sweater, but it is full of cute touches like a fuzzy collar and sequin Santa hat. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater black cats Via Amazon

A must-have for black cat lovers, this sweater features the felines with a variety of Christmas props (not to mention in a variety of charming poses).  Buy it here

cat christmas sweater light up Via Amazon

Truly a pretty kitty! This is another light-up sweater, featuring three flashing LED lights that are motion-activated. Beware, though: The lights don’t turn off until you stop moving! Buy it here

cat christmas sweater t-rex pizza Via Amazon

Ever been told to “embrace the chaos?” This ridonkulous mashup of kitten-pig-dinosaur in a flying-pizza universe is sure to be a conversation piece. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater tree ornaments Via Amazon

What’s better about this hoody: The cat’s hypnosis with the amazingly 3D-looking ornaments, or the fact that the tree looks like a wig for a feline barrister? You decide. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater persian Via Amazon

You may be drawn to the Persian with an extreme case of Christmas heterochromia iridis (or different-colored eyes), but notice that this sweater is entirely patterned with cats. Buy it here

cat christmas sweater paws Via Amazon

Santa Paws is comin’... to the party! We love this “chubby” cat Christmas sweater. Clearly, the cat is representing Mr. Claus himself! Buy it here

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