The Best Video Game Cat: 15 Fan Favorites
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The Best Video Game Cat: 15 Fan Favorites

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Draw the shades, bust out your controller, and throw on your best set of headphones: It’s Video Game Day! We’d be remiss if we didn’t track down a list of the best cats in video games. So, who is your favorite video game cat? Check out 15 fan favorites below and get playing!

Meowth, Pokémon series

Meowth - video game cat
Via Pokémon wiki

Meowth may not technically be a cat, but he is certainly inspired by Maneki Neko, the Japanese good luck charm. So of course he tops our list! Meowth is obsessed with finding shiny objects, which can bring good fortune to his trainer. Meowth, that’s right!

Red XIII, Final Fantasy VII

Red XIII - video game cat
Via Final Fantasy wiki

There’s some question as to the “cat-ness” of Red XIII, aka Nanaki, as well—but we are firmly Team Cat! Red XIII is a fire-cat with one of the best character arcs in Final Fantasy VII. Fans of the game love his intelligence, sense of honor, and eventual speaking abilities.

Cait Sith, Final Fantasy VII

Cait Sith - video game cat
Via Final Fantasy wiki

Another video game cat in FFVII is none other than Cait Sith, named after the Celtic fairy creature that resembles a huge black cat with a white spot on its chest. In this game, Cait Sith is friendly but unreliable. Later on, he has a change of heart and helps his friends.

Rover, Animal Crossing

Rover - video game cat
Via Animal Crossing wiki

Rover the cat is one of the first characters players meet in Animal Crossing. He is friendly and talkative; and after he learns that you’re in the process of moving, he even goes out of his way to help you find a place to live. Sounds a little too nice for a cat, doesn’t he?

Morgana, Persona 5

Morgana - video game cat
Via Persona 5 wiki

Perhaps the only cat ever who wished to become human, Morgana constantly feels the need to prove himself in Persona 5. Although he can change his shape, he usually appears as a talking cat. We love that he can communicate with others using some kind of meowing telepathy.

Big the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog

Big the cat - video game cat
Via Sonic the Hedgehog wiki

Although Big the Cat has no real impact on the Sonic story, he’s become a sort of fan favorite for his laid-back attitude and representation of low-key activities like fishing. The poor cat just wants to live a peaceful life in the jungle, and here crazy Sonic comes along!

Mae Borowski, Night in the Woods

Mae Borowski - video game cat
Via Night in the Woods wiki

This single-player exploration game follows a young cat-woman who drops out of college and returns to her changed hometown. Mae is cynical but curious, and we get to follow her amazing journey by building relationships, doodling in journals, and seeing the mystery unfold.

Khajiit race, Elder Scrolls

Khajiit race - video game cat
Via Elder Scrolls wiki

Khajiit are by far our favorite playable race in the Elder Scrolls universe. These fierce felines are known for their natural agility, stealth, and production of moon sugar. They are not entirely trusted by other races, and usually talk about themselves in the third person.

Palicoes, Monster Hunter World

Palicoes - video game cat
Via Monster Hunter World wiki

Every hunter in Monster Hunter World must also have a feline companion called a Palico. You can choose the outfits for these adorable cats, but more importantly, you can rely on your Palico to fight loyally by your side. Hey, every cat needs his or her person, right?

Alvina, Dark Souls

Alvina - video game cat
Via Dark Souls wiki

Alvina the cat lives in a stone castle in the Darkroot Garden. You’ll find her crouching in a window, protecting the area around Artorias’ grave. She is the leader of the Forest Hunters, and you can join her covenant—if you appease her. (Typical cat!)

Cats, The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady - video game cat
Via Cat Lady wiki

One of the oddest (and perhaps darkest) video games on our list is The Cat Lady, a puzzle-based adventure game. The game follows “cat lady” Susan Ashworth, who by a strange turn of events can summon neighborhood cats. Beware, this game is not for the faint of heart!

Cat Suit, Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario cat suit- video game cat
Via Super Mario wiki

Technically a video game cat suit rather than a character, this controversial “power-up” in Super Mario 3D World allows characters like Mario, Luigi, Toad, and more to transform with new abilities. Perhaps the best part of it? Hearing Mario “meow” in Italian!

Unsinkable Sam, World of Warships

Unsinkable Sam - video game cat
Via World of Warships wiki

We have a fondness for Unsinkable Sam, aka Oscar, who was a real-life cat that somehow survived three major WWII shipwrecks in 1941. You can unlock “Unsinkable Sam containers” in World of Warships, some of which display a portrait of the kitty mascot himself!

Taokaka, BlazBlue series

Taokaka - video game cat
Via BlazBlue wiki

Taokaka is a unique video game catgirl with a notable cat-ear hoody, paw-adorned sleeves, and long blond braids. With her red beady eyes and toothy grin, she’s one menacing-looking kitty. In contrast, she has a happy-go-lucky attitude—until it’s time to fight!

Link the Cat, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Link the cat - video game cat
Via Legend of Zelda wiki

Honorable mention for the best video game cat goes to Link the cat, for being named after arguably the best video game hero of all time. In Twilight Princess, Link the cat shows up in a side quest with Link the hero. Later on, both Links are able to converse. (Aww!)

So, did your favorite video game cat make the list?

Cover photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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