Grooming Brush


Use this double-sided grooming brush on both short-haired and long-haired cats.

  • Two grooming techniques in one
  • Natural bamboo
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Small double-sided brush


  • Natural bamboo
  • Boar bristles
  • Metal pins

Product and/or packaging logos may appear modified in person.


  • What are the materials?

    This small double-sided brush is made from natural bamboo, pure boar bristles, and metal pins. Product and/or packaging logos may appear modified in person.
  • How often should I brush my cat?

    You should be brushing your cat at least weekly—or even daily in the spring and summer when your cat is more likely to be shedding. Long-haired cats typically need more brushing and maintenance than short-haired cats.
  • What are boar bristles?

    Boar bristles are often used on brushes because they stimulate the scalp through gentle massaging and help stimulate blood flow. They also help prevent oil build-up by distributing oil from hair roots to the ends. Grooming Brush is double-sided for long-haired and short-haired pets alike. Use the metal pins side on your long-haired pets, which will gently separate tangles and mats. Use the boar bristles side on your short-haired pets to help massage the skin and stimulate blood flow while removing errant fur. This brush works well on cats and dogs alike—start with a weekly brushing and see how they respond!



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