12 DIY Cat Toys To Show Your Love!
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12 DIY Cat Toys To Show Your Love!

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, show your cat how much you care with a couple DIY cat toys! Okay, so your cat won’t know you made the toys yourself, but he’ll appreciate the end result all the same. The best part about DIY cat toys? They’re generally inexpensive—and in many cases, cost nothing more than a little bit of your time.

Litter-Robot box fort

Litter-Robot box toy DIY cat toys

It’s a universal law that no matter how cool or fancy the new cat toy is, your cat will prefer the box it came in. So why not skip straight to the packaging? If you’re a Litter-Robot customer, you’ve already got a big box on hand to work with. Cut out holes for your cat to jump through, hang feathers from the top of the box, tape it to other boxes to create a fort—the possibilities are endless. (Pro tip: This is a fun toy for kids, as well!)

T-shirt cat tent


cat t-shirt tent DIY cat toys Via Dear Crissy


Got an old t-shirt and a few wire clothes hangers lying around? That’s all you need to create a little cat tent sanctuary! Now, let’s just hope your cat likes the smell of you…

Learn how from Dear Crissy.

Tupperware cat puzzle


cat tupperware puzzle DIY cat toys Via The Glam Cat


This 3-in-1 DIY cat toy provides entertainment, mental stimulation, and treats. Jackpot! Simply cut a few holes in your tupperware lid, and choose which toys you want to stick inside.

Learn how from The Glam Cat.

Traffic cone scratching post


cat scratcher traffic cone DIY cat toys Via So Fancy


Never thought you’d have a traffic cone in your house? Think again with this super cute DIY scratching post. Use rope or cord, plus a few other items. (Spray paint optional!)

Learn how from So Fancy.

Wine cork cat toy


wine cork DIY cat toys Via Sweet T Makes Three


Any dignified cat lady should have a pile of wine corks at her disposal. We jest, of course—but this wine cork cat toy is an easy way to show your love. Just grab a few trimmings, such as feathers.

Learn how from Sweet T Makes Three.

Feather cat toy


feather DIY cat toys Via Martha Stewart


Speaking of feathers, these chic DIY cat toys come together with a provided template, some jingle bells, and a couple other items. The noise and texture will drive your kitty wild!

Learn how from Martha Stewart.

Toilet paper roll treat dispenser


toilet paper roll DIY cat toys Via Staying Close To Home


It doesn’t get easier than this: Simply grab a cardboard toilet paper roll, fold one of its edges into itself, fill the roll with a few treats, and fold the other end. Your cat will enjoy being rewarded as he bats this toy around!

Learn how from Staying Close To Home.

Pom pom cat wand


pom pom DIY cat toys wand Via Think.Make.Share


This adorable cat wand requires a bit of a craftier hand than some of the DIY cat toys on our list, but it’s totally worth your time. What’s cuter than your cat? Your cat playing with tiny pom poms, of course.

Learn how from Think.Make.Share.

Junk food cat toys


junk food DIY cat toys Via A Beautiful Mess


The healthy alternative to actual junk food? Junk food cat toys! All you need is colorful felt, thread, fabric scissors, yarn needles, and some loose catnip. Easy as pie! (Yum.)

Learn how from A Beautiful Mess.

Fishing pole cat toy


fishing pole DIY cat toys Via Lia Griffith


Another simple (although it looks advanced to us!) DIY toy on the list is this delightful fishing pole. What cat can refuse fresh-caught fish? Add catnip for extra fun.

Learn how from Lia Griffith.

Knotted t-shirt cat toy


knotted t-shirt DIY cat toys Via Muslin & Merlot


What to do with all those old t-shirts… Cut ’em up and knot ’em! Your cat will enjoy bopping around these bow tie-esque toys, and you’ll have more room in your closet.

Learn how from Muslin & Merlot.

Cattail catnip toy


cattail catnip DIY cat toys Via Sew4Home


If you’re savvy with a sewing machine, you can create these fun, colorful cattail toys, packed full of catnip to drive your cat absolutely batty. Put them in a ziplock to keep them fresh (once your cat comes down from his high).

Learn how from Sew4Home.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for your cat, or hoping to boost your crafting skills (using your kitty as a guinea pig), this list of DIY cat toys is an excellent place to start!

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