Black Cat Breeds

  1. Lykoi cat

    Lykoi Cat Breed Profile

    The Lykoi cat is a unique breed that resembles an adorable werewolf. Learn about these outgoing cats here...
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  2. tortie cat face

    Tortoiseshell Cat: Breeds, Personality & Lifespan

    Tortie cats are seen as lucky and unique, with their female-dominated tribe of loving felines. Learn more terrific...
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  3. black cat sitting next to pumpkin

    Why Are Black Cats Associated with Halloween?

    How did black cats become such prevalent Halloween symbols? Unfortunately, the answer involves a lot of dark history...
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  4. black Bombay cat with golden eyes

    Bombay Cat Colors: What Colors Can Bombay Cats Be?

    The Bombay cat comes in one distinct color: shimmery black. Learn how to tell the difference between Bombays and...
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  5. Bombay cat with tail in the air

    Bombay Cat Breed Profile

    The Bombay cat is a friendly and affectionate kitty that closely resembles a miniature panther. Learn about this...
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  6. Tuxedo cat sitting with paws tucked on bed

    Tuxedo Cats: Facts, Details, and Breed Guide

    Let's look at facts about the adorable tuxedo cat and bicolor cats in general. Among their special qualities, tuxedo...
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  7. Calico Cat: Types, Breeds, and Personality Traits

    Calico Cat: Types, Breeds, and Personality Traits

    All kitties are bewitching, but no one can deny the unique beauty of calico cats. These felines are so well known...
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