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Cat Breeds: A Complete Guide

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Every cat breed has a story. Most cats we know as domesticated didn’t start that way—they began as hunters, chasing vermin from barns and ships for hundreds of years before finding a place among hearth and home. And their wild instincts remain, no matter how comfortable they are snuggling up next to you on the couch.

Today there are more than 100 cat breeds, both natural and man-made. Use our guide to explore cat breeds by physical traits, personality, and more.

Cat breeds A-Z

Intrigued by the most popular cat breeds? Read all about them on our Litter-Robot cat breed guide! Or if you’d like to delve deeper into specific breeds, we’ve got you covered on cat breeds A-Z. Check out profiles on the mighty Maine Coon, the exotic Bengal, and the ancient Siamese. The list goes on!

Cat size

Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ve rounded up our fair share of breeds in similar categories. (Can you tell we love felines?) Prepare to be impressed by large cat breeds, including the Savannah cat, Maine Coon, and more. Or take delight in small cat breeds, like the pint-sized Munchkin and the dainty Devon Rex.

Cat coat

Get the facts on hypoallergenic cat breeds like the Siberian and the Balinese cat. Ooh and aah over beautiful long-haired cat breeds, from the Persian to the Norwegian Forest cat. And gawk at hairless cat breeds like the Sphynx, who prove you don’t need fur to be fabulous!

Cat personality

While some cat breeds are very adaptable, others thrive in specific environments. Find a cat that will match best with your personality, lifestyle, and family before you adopt. While anyone can appreciate the most affectionate and friendliest cat breeds, you might be looking for something more specific—such as cats that act like dogs or the best cats for kids.

Cat colors & patterns

Obsessed with just how many colors and patterns cats can display? Feast your eyes on the sheer spectrum of coat markings with tabby cat breeds, including the American Shorthair. Embrace the timeless sheen of grey cat breeds like the Russian Blue. Marvel over orange cat breeds, which appear in pop culture more than most kitty colors! And don't forget about black and white cat breeds, otherwise known as tuxedo cats.

Compare cat breeds

Wondering how popular cat breeds stack up against each other in size, personality, and energy level? Take a look at our comparison guide below.

Breed Weight Personality Energy
Bengal 8-18 lbs Energetic, affectionate, adventurous High
British Shorthair 9-18 lbs Easygoing, calm, devoted Medium
Maine Coon 10-25 lbs Playful, adaptable, friendly Medium
Norwegian Forest cat 8-20 lbs Adaptable, laid-back, independent Medium
Persian 7-14 lbs Sweet, gentle, quiet Low
Ragdoll 10-20 lbs Loving, laid-back, sweet Medium
Scottish Fold 5-13 lbs Sweet, loving, undemanding Medium
Siamese 7-13 lbs Loving, entertaining, vocal High
Siberian 10-20 lbs Affectionate, playful, intelligent High
Sphynx 6-12 lbs Loving, outgoing, demanding High

Adopting a cat

Whether you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time or your resident kitty is open to a friend, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve laid out the questions to ask yourself, resources and organizations to turn to, and other options for helping animals in need.

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Looking to learn more about your cat’s breed, or just curious to explore cat breeds in general? Discover dozens of articles about breeds of cats on the Litter-Robot blog. You’ll learn more about their physical traits, behaviors, personalities, energy levels, lifespans, and history. If you’re looking to start or add to your pet family, these guides can help you make a decision about which cat breed to adopt.

We think it’s pretty clear that there are a variety of amazing cats that you could add to your family. Each cat has individual needs and personalities, so whomever you bring into your life, you are bound to learn something new about them.

No matter what you decide, you’ll realize that the best cat is the one sitting beside you. Cats are family, and each one is purrfect in their own way.

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